Basset hound/black lab puppies?

We just adopted a puppy yesterday from the Humane Society. The mother was a black lab and the father be a basset hound. She is a female puppy and she show a lot of the basset hound traits. Bassets get to be nearly 14 inches tall and Labs grow to be about 22 inches tall. About how big do you ruminate this dog might get?
18 in.
I doubt she knows the dog's parents height whether the dog came from a shelter, lol. The simple answer would be probably somewhere in the middle, like 18-19, but unless the shelter have confirmed paperwork on the parent's breeds, realistically a lot of shelters simply 'guess' at the breed judging by what it looks like. That said, there's other a chance she could have another trait from another dog in her long-gone. Of course sometimes their are owner-surrenders who are able to give out the true breed info but not always.
And normally it works vice versa... pit bull owner surrenders are often just called boxer/lab mixes... =P
Answers:    Hard to say - but it would be especially momentous for this dog to watch her weight, and also be on large breed puppy food to control her growth rate. She will beyond question be more susceptible to orthopedic problems, given the angulation of her legs and the added size because of the Lab side. You ,might also consider putting her on some fish oil.
It is completely impossible to let somebody know. It will probably be somewhere between there, but no way were the parents up to standard (no one near a breeding quality dog would let that happen) so it may be out of both standards!
It's impossible to recount, but since she looks a lot like a basset hound, probably closer to that size, maybe slightly taller.

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