Boston terrier coughing?

i have had my 3 yr old boston terrier for roughly a week. he is a rescue from a puppy mill. we are very pleased with the progress that he has made surrounded by this little time.
my question is that just yesterday he started coughing. it more sounds like he is clearing his throat resembling he has a fur ball or something. i do plan on taking him to the vet. i figured i would post a request for information on here before i can take him tomorrow.
sounds like kennal cough which your vet will treat tomorrow and inoculate against furthur outbreaks. dont worry its fairly common and your vet will sort it out. congrats and apt luck on your new companion :)
While it could be something medical, like kennel cough, it may also just be the means of access a Boston clears their throat. I've had Bostons for many years, and they will often do a "reverse sneeze". It normally only lasts a few seconds, but whether it is longer, you can block their nostrils, forcing them to breathe through their mouth, and it will clear it up.
kennel cough. keep other animals away from your rescue.
Ya, he's probably just a little flehmmy. Give a little benedryl and that'll clear it up.

But. since he is a rescue, own a vet check it out to make sure that it's not something more serious.

Our BT will get approaching this when we have bad Santa Ana winds and even my allergies budge crazy!

... and congrat's on your rescue!! BT's are the best dogs in the world! Super smart and will keep you laughing!
Coming from a puppy mill, there is no telling what that little guy was exposed to. Millers don't inoculate and he could have kennel cough. Respiratory disease runs rampant in those places. It is treatable. Be sure to mention his puppy mill roots to your vet. Best of luck and consent to us know how he's doing.
It could be kennel cough or as simple as a reverse sneeze.
Answers:    You did a super thing surrounded by rescuing puppy from a puppy mill however you must be aware they never inoculate their dogs and that many dog ailments run rampant in the conditions they live in.You hold kennel cough and if it sound like your dog is clearing his throat and the subsequent stage is actually coughing that is a definitive answer as l see a lot of these cases.You are doing the right item by taking to the vet as he will put him on a course of tablets and injection to cure him BUT you will have to keep any other dogs away from him as it is an nouns borne virus and very very contagious and l should know as have have it myself despite being inoculated dogs will get a light dose.When you see your vet ask when can your dog own his parvo////distemper////kennel cough shots and these mist be done when he is well assuming he has not got these diseases already..sorry to upset you but puppy mills and backyard breeders NEVER inoculate their dogs so the animal you have there has not have any shots at all.At least you have rescued the dog and full grades for that so if anyone on this site has a go at you for going in attendance just ignore them and carry on doing the right piece.Hope you enjoy your Boston they are nice breed.
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