Brother and sister dogs breeding?

i have a male and a female chichua and the famale is something like to come into heat. they are brother and sister but off of different litters. what could or would happen to the pups whether the did breed. I am NOT trying to breed them, SO I HAVE MY FINGERS CROSSED THEY DON'T
There is no such thing as a teacup CHihuahua, the certainty that she was sold as that already indicates problems. Do more than keep for fingers crossed, you better keep resting on it because he will do ANYTHING he can to get to her. It is possible to keep them separated, but it will not be fun. Seriously consider scraping together the money first,s once she is credible too small to get pregnant and spaying then would be more expensive!
Ummm...keep them separated. if they own the same mother and father, it makes them brother and sister, even if they aren't from duplicate litter. what would happen is you would have a litter of puppies that, if any of them survived, would be prone to hold life-long health issues. Additionally, most chis need to have c-sections because they are so small, which is noticeably dangerous for the b* as well as expensive. If you aren't going to spay and neuter you enjoy to keep them separated for the duration of the heat cycle.
I don't know, but my guess would be that it's not good, just as near humans. Some health problems would probably occur if you consent to them breed. You should get one of them spayed or neutered.
The pups would likely suffer from a range of genetic and behavioral problems. Brother and sister breedings are NEVER recommended in any breed as they are too closely related. BTW, it makes no difference if they are from different litters since they enjoy the same parents. Instead of "crossing your fingers" why don't you have them spayed and neutered?
Answers:    Uncross your fingers and dial your vet. Get him neutered or her spayed. Any pups from this kind of breeding could have severe mental issues and physical deformity. If they DO breed, even though you are 'not trying", you can get her a shot called Mismate if you telephone your vet immediately, and this will prevent a litter from such a bad, bad contest.

There is no reason she shouldn't be spayed.
HUH? Crossing your fingers will not stop them from mating! You need to separate them or better even so have them both fixed!

If they have the same parents consequently it's inbreeding . That's not a good thing to have begin at all. To many genetic defects can and do occur. even the most skilled dog breeders don't often do this and when they do it is with a specific goal contained by mind.

Get them both fixed then you will not have to verbs about them in breeding which they will. They don't know there related at adjectives.
What do you be a sign of "fingers crossed"?

It's up to YOU whether they breed or not. YOU have to keep them separate for the entire time she is in boil, or they WILL breed.

Inbreeding is for experienced, knowledgable professionals ONLY, otherwise the results can be disastrous.

Why not get them both fixed?
Take them in NOW and get them spayed and neuter. Teacup anything is a poorly bred, genetic nightmare and you will have a dead dog if they do breed. And the certainty they are mutts (chi/pom mix) makes it all the more reason to carry them fixed.

Keep them apart at all times until they are neutered/spayed.
Don't just cross your fingers, separate them with a solid door or wall. A puppy gate next to mesh might not work. If they did produce puppies, you run the risk of what ever recessive genes they have combining and exhibiting. It could be anything, heart trouble, diabetes, one short leg.
you have a what?

Don't cross your fingers procure them both spayed and neutered!
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