Can cold warmth contained by my house affect my pregnant chihuahua?

I have a girl chihuahua and she is pregnant again. The room she always stays in is similar to super cold always. She has a warm bed and blanket but I'm newly wondering if the cold temperature in the room can affect her pregnancy. She have had two litters before where simply one pup will survive so I was just wondering. She is very worthy taken care of and goes outside frequently to waddle and use the rest room. I know the whole you should have her fixed and stuff so spare those comments. I keep the dogs or they budge to a family member where they are treated thoroughly well. I only let her hold puppies this time because I wanted another one and now especially because they stole the father. So please don't contribute those comments. I love my dogs and would rather have their puppies instead of going to buy one.
I would ask a vet about that. I imply I really don't see where cold climates would affect a dog's pregnancy but you never know. Good luck!
When my chi has puppies I keep hold of the room at 80-85 degrees. Puppies need to be kept very heat up, especially smaller breeds. A larger breed may be able to handle it a bit better, but they still need to be warm also. The other thing you hold to do with chi's, is weigh them at least twice a day. If the puppies are not getting hold of weight then they may need to be tube feed. You need to make some other arrangements for this litter. They have bake lamps, and all kinds of things to maintain puppies warm.
Answers:    I don't think that it will. She's conspicuously not too bothered by the cold. The puppies are ok if the mother is ok. And with the whole not fixing entity, as long as you make sure the puppies are going to be well taking safekeeping of, there's nothing wrong with that.
Yes, before the Chi gives birth she should be kept at at least 18 degree Celcious or more. when the babies are born make them warmer, and perhaps wrap them surrounded by a towel so they get more body heat.
Assuming you are following out of danger health guide lines for brood bitxhs, her first litter will have been at or just about two years, second at four years, and she'll now be six years old or more. Which funds this litter is certainly going to be hard on her, Chihuahua's being poor whelpers surrounded by the first place, and her being past what were her optimum years. (Breeding a Bitxh more repeatedly than every other year is putting her health second place to your own will, and breeding more than twice likewise.)

Super Cold is not a particularly definitive term. Where I live, super cold would mean minus forty degrees Celsius or more, I would picture in Saudi Arabia super cold might mean fifteen degrees Celsius.

If the dog is unmistakably cold, then it's not good, conversely if the dog be obviously hot that would be not good.

Anywhere in the ten to twenty level Celsius range should be perfectly fine.
First of all puppies need an ambient room temp of 95 degree to survive in the first few weeks or they will hypothermiate. This high of a temp is VERY undesirable for mom so you must supplement the bake by use of heating pad or lamp. It must be surrounded by such away the pups can get away from the fry if it becomes too warm for them. My guess is your other pups never survived due to fitting chilled. below 95 they will chill and above 95 they will overheat. 1 pup was probably able to stay close enuf to mom to stay warm
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