Can dogs drink milk? I want my puppy to own some?

I have a two year old puppy who loves to try new things! The problem is that "i reflect water is getting old!" so i want to try and give him milk! please support! I don't want to hurt him, but i want him to try milk!!
If you have a 2 month puppy you can afford him a milk subsitute. You can locate this in your local CO-OP, Tractor Supply, Wal Mart, Pet-co or any of those other pet stores you might have.

If your puppy is more then 16 weeks antediluvian I would not give anymore milk replacement and never cow milk.

Even ice cream like we put away gives a dog a slimmy stool...we call it Bannana butt at our house.

It's gross, it smells and the dog FARTS for days...
The answer is no. Dogs cannot digest lactose(the sugar in milk). Also, dogs NEED wet to survive, milk cannot substitute water. So if you want to endow with your dog a treat now and again, pet stores sell specially formulated milk for cats and dogs, mind you this is a treat and should be feed very sparingly. water should always be if 24-7.

Want to give your dog a better then milk treat? Try searching your stores freezer box for dog ice cream. Its ice cream with no milk products so your dog can smoothly digest it. Once again this is a treat, not a meal substitute.

Please remember a treat is a treat, they should be fed sparingly and only whether your dogs behavior merits one. A good dry kibble and water is all your dog wishes, everything else is a treat so feed them wisely.
He's not a puppy. He won't get bored of water. Cow's milk can make him sick.
What? Water is getting old? That's funny, I've had dogs for 37 years now and never but had one who complained about having sea to drink. What you want isn't what it's about. It's about doing what's right for your dog. Milk gives various dogs diarrhea so it isn't the greatest thing to give it to them. A very little won't hurt, but it won't do any precise good either.
A 2 year old is not a puppy, he's an adult dog. Water is the best thing for him, his body have no need for milk, and he could end up with diarrhea.
If you go to the store you can in truth buy puppy milk. I don't think they're supposed to drink regular milk though. I think regular grocery stores should have it. Please don't bring in it sick though.
Every time you give your dog another up to date thing, you rae making everything else look bad. That includes all the things that are suitable for her.

Milk is not good for dogs - they are lactose intolerant at 6 weeks or so, and they don't need it.

You are making your dog finicky by giving her odd things, and to be precise dangerous - she needs to be on a balanced kibble - one that have been formulated to maintain a dog in the long run, not 'newly to try'.

If you don't stop monkeying around like this, your dog will end up with deficiency - and nutrient deficiencies cause major disease.
Milk could and would be the worst point you could do for your "dog" not "puppy"!
Answers:    No milk for a 2 year old dog. 2 year old dog is not a puppy anymore. He might just throw it up but it does him no upright. Give him some premium dog food sometimes for a treat. If puppies can't get mothers milk then goats milk can be used as a substitute.
A little, sometimes milk will pass them a upset stomach.
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