Can I brush my dogs teeth beside human toothpaste?

She is a 3 year old pug and her breath is terrible. I wanted to brush her teeth but I didn't know whether using human toothpaste will hurt her.
It WILL hurt her. Ask a vet to verbs your dog's teeth.
Many human toothpastes contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.. flouride is also toxic to dogs.

Human toothpastes were not meant to be swallowed also, you own to "rinse and spit".. dogs are not capable of doing this.

She needs toothpaste that is formulated for DOGS.. whether you dont have any of that, you can use plain baking soda and make a "paste" out of it with a bit water and use that to brush her teeth.
Answers:    Not with human toothpaste, but they do make a version for dogs. You can pick it up within most pet stores. It may take a lot of patience to catch her to tolerate tooth-brushing, though. If you don't start them young, or if you aren't good at avoiding their object teeth, it can be very difficult to condition them to accept tooth-brushing. It's worth it, though.
The only other route you can deal with her bad breath is to modify her diet; as next to people, what you eat can easily kind for halitosis. Or you can feed her those hard dog biscuits, which scrape rotten the plaque. Feeding mostly dry food is another good way to diminish the problem, since it help keep the teeth cleaner. You might also talk to your vet, and see if he have any suggestions. They generally keep up on all the most up-to-date, after all.
Well, i'm no expert with dogs nor cats, but my dog have very bad breath...i mean really! I've used my own toothpaste on her and it hasn't done a article! I don't think that it will hurt your dog? It didn't hurt mine..but, if it doesn't work all that all right just use normal dog toothpaste at a local store or H-E-B or petco/ uncle used the dog toothpaste on his dog, and it worked impeccably! Just do whatever you think will work, ok? DONT USE HUMAN TOOTHPASTE!
All dogs have what we consider to be bad breath. You wouldn't chomp through the food you feed them, their food generally doesn't even smell nice before they've eat it. Human toothepaste is no good for bad breath in dogs.

1. Ingredients surrounded by human toothepaste are harmful to dogs.
2. Human toothpaste is not meant to be ingested, try teaching your dog to rinse and spit, not flowing!
3. Bad breath in humans is mainly caused byu a build up of microbes on the tongue (the area inside a persons mouth which has MOST contact near the food AND drink they are ingesting), so what makes you think simply brushing your dogs teeth will get rid of the desperate smell?

You could use a dog toothepaste, I've never tried one myself, I find it a laugh imagining how I'm going to get my dog to sit still, stripped his teeth and have them brushed.

I think the best option is to capture some of those chew sticks, you can get minty flavoured ones. Although they don't leave your dogs mouth smelling minty fresh, it is an improvement. Also merely giving them a bone or something hard to chew on regularly will help remove the plaque that builds up on their teeth. Feeding it dry dog food rather that damp dog food also helps.

Hope you find this useful.
DON'T use regular toothpaste it can hurt your dog and clear her sick

this is a good website to find dog toothpaste:
hope this helps!
Human toothpaste will make a dog really sick, it's not made to be swallowed.

Use a pet toothpaste, which can be swallowed. Also consider giving beef leg bones for the dog to chew on, and there's also a sizeable kibble food that can be fed that the dog needs to chew into to eat.
No. Fluoride and xylitol is not intended to be swallowed which can be very harmful for dogs. Ask your vet which toothpaste to buy.
u can use baking powder and water or u can get to a pet store and they should have dog tooth paste and there is bones u can buy for the dog to chew on for cleaning the teeth and gums
do not use human toothpaste it contains ingredients that will harm your pet if swallowed that's why we can't swallow toothpaste, any. go to your vet or local pet store
do NOT use human toothpaste, some of the stuff they put in human toothpaste can create all sorts of health issues. Buy a dog safe doggy toothpaste!
No! It will make her sick most credible. You can get dog toothpaste at the Pet Store. Don't worry my dogs breath stinks too.
NO you can't. Human toothpaste is BAD. the fluoride is very noxious. You need to use dog toothpaste.
No. Yes it will hurt her.
Wysong dentatreat is very good at removing plaque. If plaque is the wreak, brushing daily with this stuff will get it adjectives off in no time.
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