Can I buy anything to put my dog to sleep temporarily ?

my two shitzu badly need to get their nail clipped. I bought the special clippers. But when i tried to cut their nails even with muzzle they were so distresssed I be afraid they would have a heart attack or fit.
I phoned the vet and he told me he could sedate them both but to get them sedated and clip their nail would cost 100 euros. I cant afford that.
Is there anything i can buy over the counter that will sedate them so i can clip them

thanks adjectives
Unfortunately, all approved sedative are controlled substances -- therefore, only licensed vets enjoy them.

You'd be risking the health/life of your dogs by trying anything over the counter, and not approved for the purpose.
No do NOT purchase anything to grave your dogs, you can run the risk of overdosing your dogs and potentially killing them. If they don't like their nails clipped later you have to either 1. train them to behave while getting their nail clipped or 2. Desensitize them to getting their nails clipped. This can be done I've done it with my Weimaraner and trust me she's a lot bigger than a shih Tzu.

Using a staple clipper is painful I suggest you get one of those Pedi-paws or Peticure dremmel tools and trim them that route, it's quiet and doesn't hurt, they might respond better to it.

If not then you are going to need a friend to cover the dog next to a towel including their head, lay her on her side and give her a massage while holding her down and you clip their nail quickly. Or take them to the groomers to have them done.

If they freak out later it was traumatic for them and you need to train them or desensitize them to getting this done.

Do not sedate your dog.
Short answer is do not put them to sleep.

Take them for a long walk. Properly tire them out. About 45 minutes to an hour proper walking should do it. This will reduce the energy at which they can come at you beside.

Have someone take the lead of the lower energy one. You will also involve some help for the higher energy dog. The lower drive one will learn. With small dogs you can "scruff" them. Use the scruff of their neck stops them from being competent to nip you and at the same time replicates the way their mother carried them about. Once you quality the dog relax under this, lay on his side, and introduce the clippers. He will probably squirm, but you need patience and total calmness. Just keep him there until he relaxes.

Once you hold complete relaxation, then move the clippers nearer. He should stay relaxed. With time he will let you clip them.

I cannot stress the necessity of doing this in a calm manner. Using this method is completely dominating your dog, and any anxiety or frustration from you will merely result in the dog have a negative experience. When the dog relaxes you can get it positive by giving him a massage in the vicinity of the clippers. Remember you are removing the stress and replacing it beside relaxation, and that is what everyone in the room must be like.

The lower heartiness dog will watch and learn from the higher vivacity one and will relax easier.

If you are in any doubt about this, then see a local behaviorist.

Again, this MUST be done beside 100% CALM. If you are nervous about doing this, then see a behaviorist to assist you. This completely dominates the dog, which is why it must be done in completely calm reassuring attitude.
It may be best to pay the money to have the nails clipped properly. Our vet needed to sober my old cat when grooming her (she bit the tech once pretty bad).

Perhaps the vet and their staff can show you some techniques to clip the nails for the adjectives.

Also, are you trying this by yourself? Is there anyone you can have help you by holding or soothing the dogs while you clip the nail?
Have you thought of trying taking them to a dog groomer they perhaps better with someone thay don't know. If not it's really a job for a vet don't try to sedate them your self minus vet advice it could be dangerous. And to help surrounded by the future you could try by starting with some training with first humanely holding there paws for a few seconds and compliment and reward when they allow you to do it then slowly build the time up reward good behaviour . So they get hold of used to having there paws held than gradualy try clipping near claws.
OMG! Why are you thinking of doing that? Dont you know how dangerous that is? Your not a trained Vet so dont try.
Cant you just resembling errr... Train the dogs? You know.. get them used to the nails clippers, gradually doing a few respectively time? I have a German Shepherd who was the same. Dont stir for the easy option as it doesnt sort out the problem in the long occupancy. Just cos theyre sedated doent mean theyre not fully aware of whats happening, it just manner they feel even MORE out of control. Isnt that worse?
i'm sorry but if you cant afford to take care of your animals (even whether its just to get their nails clipped at the vet) you probably should not own two dogs. but DO NOT sedate them on your own...that just sounds like a problem waiting to transpire - did you mention that you wanted to do this to your vet??

why don't you take them to get groomed? they will cut their nail and it probably wont be as expensive as taking them to the vet.
If you can't do it yourself, then take them to a Groomer and have it done. They are experienced contained by handling difficult animals and it won't cost you anywhere near 100 Euro.
You could buy a dog book, and see if there is besides to somehow 'hypnotise' them
newly get some one to hold the dogs & clip one or two nails then the subsequent day two more till you get them clipped
DO NOT put them to sleep for this??

Answers:    Before you start - separate the dogs. Make sure they can't see or hear each other (put one in the saloon and even drive it down the street if necessary so it is out of ear-shot). If they can, they will just turn each other up - it is highly unlikely that they will have a heart attack or fit (unless logically they already have at tendency to fit or have heart conditions), they are freshly getting upset with it all and by doing this they are making you feel mortified and therefore you stop, thus reinforcing that their behaviour gets results. I suspect you are a bit soft on your dogs (aren't we adjectives at time!) but you need to be calm and firm in your movements so that they learn that you are in charge.

Next, keep exceptionally calm, don't let the dog sense that you are tense, it will solely pick up on this and get tense too. Keep some of the dog's favourite treats to foot and get the dog comfortable on your knee, hold the dog firmly - ideally get someone else to abet you and hold him/her for you. Then take hold of one of the rear paws firmly and clip for a time bit off one nail, giving lots of praise at impossible to tell apart time, ideally the other person should do the same and also try to distract the dog from what is happening. I find it is easier to do reverse paws than front paws as the dog can't pull them absent so easily. Don't let the dog pull absent from you/your friend - it will try and it may 'scream and shout' and wriggle like mad but you/your friend must preserve hold of it, the more it can actually wriggle the worse it will get.

Once the dog has have one rear paw done, depending on how well it has gone you might similar to to try the other. If the dog really isn't happy, then stop for a little while and try again, dont anything you do chastise the dog as it will just associate nail clipping with something horrible. It will be baggage of persistence and patience, the dog will probably never like it but it will swot up to tolerate it.

You can then do the same with your other dog. If, however, you really can't do this, next go to a groomer, they know how to handle dogs so it shouldn't be a problem at all for them and much cheaper than 100 euros.
My daugher recently have to transport her cats 200miles.
The vets have different pills to calm animals.
She rewarded lb3 only.
Go see your vet.
Have the vet clip their nail without a sedative. My dog is a wiggle worm. Will NOT stay still. We have two of us hold him while the vet clipped his nails. The vet techs know how to hold them the right way without hurting them.
Do Not self medicate them. Even my vet checks the prescription charts as to how much to meds to distribute my dog and cats. It depends on their weight.
During thunder storms my mom's shih tzu has a fit. We give him Benadryl. But at the dose her vet numeral out with the dogs weight. It does clam him down and makes him sleepy surrounded by about an hour.
try viagra

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If your dogs are that hyper with possible heart problems, afterwards ONLY a vet should be working to sedate them. Save up the money to get them done.
No. It can be extremely dangerous to give a dog sedative without the close supervision of a veterinarian, **especially** if you think that they could in actuality come to physical harm from stress alone. Benadryl can be safely given with a hit or miss anaesthetic effect, but if your dog is that stressed about the nail trim I guarantee it won't touch it. Same for melatonin and rescue remedy. Nothing you can attain OTC is going to render a dog that is that stressed by a simple nail trim calm or grave enough for you to trim their nails. You should take your dog to a vet or groomer to enjoy the nails properly trimmed by someone who knows what they are doing and won't let the dog up because of an unnecessary fright that they might hurt the dog (if the dog is actually in danger instead of freshly freaking out then they will let up and give the dog a accidental to relax rather than pushing it so far that they cause physical harm). I would try that before sedation and whether that is not an option then sedation done by a professional next to the proper tools on hand in case anything should dance wrong is your best bet regardless of how expensive it is.
Please don't do that! when pets are put to sleep they get an overdose of anesthetic. Please don't medicate your dogs unless your vet gives you precise directions and dosage!
You might be able to get an antihistamine that might make them sleepy but mind your Ps and Qs with them.
Try some sleeping pills - but be careful with the dosage - partially a pill to start - go from there.
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