Can I crop my dog's ears at 6 mos feeble?

When I first got him around a month old i made my mind up that i wouldnt bring back the surgery done on him. Yet I recently been thinking about it and thought that it wouldnt be a big traffic since i think he may look better with it. Im not sure of his breed cuz he's a rescue bt i believe he's contained by the pitbull or molosser dog family and most of the dogs from this family have cropped ears and look considerably better and neater when they take the procedure done and they grow older. Has anyone seen these dogs with big floppy ears? They look cute when here young but when they age they look dopey? Idk its just my thinking. So could it be done at his age? I know it will be painful for him but would at hand be any other major health problems or side affects?
Please don't do it. Just because you thing he may look better does not give you the right to put him through that form of pain.
Why cause him unnecessary agony? My sister has a pitbull with floppyish ears--he's awful cute and does not look dopey at adjectives.

Save your money for the next vet visit or to get him neuter or in case of emergency--you never know what can happen.
Besides, adjectives surgery, even minor surgery, involves risk of complications and it would suck for your dog to get sick over an unnecessary procedure.

Answers:    Oh just jump CROP your own damn ears and then see how it feels! I guarantee after YOU go through next to it you would not put your dog through it. But oh yeah, humans do not physically mutilate their ears, just their dogs ears.
Shame on YOU and all people who mutilate their dogs via ear cropping.

And oh yeah, it is path way way too late to CHOP your dog's ears for you...great for your poor dog. I wish he had a different owner.

For the record, regardless of what any other party who has done this to their dog says, there is nothing justification for this inhumane act. God only know why it is still legal in the US.
It's too late. Ears need to be cropped when the puppy is 6-10 weeks old. If you don't even know what breed he is it doesn't event anyway, since mutts are almost never cropped.

By the way, ear cropping sounds bleak but it isn't painful or cruel at all. If you don't know what you're talking around don't answer the question.
i deliberate they are adorable the way they were born, and that they look very cyber- when cropped. it makes me sad...
most vets will not do the procedure after 3 months of age. after that, the 'success' rate is low and the complications are higher- so you walk through all of that pain and time and money for ears that are likely to still be floppy surrounded by the end, and probably uneven.

here is some great information about the procedure and what is involved.

please read this quiz posted by a user recently whose dog died following complications of an ear crop.;...

if you've really got the additional money lying around... can i have some?
he may be a bit too old and the procedure is going to take longer than whether you had done it when he was younger,the cost is going to be way up near because more anesthesia needs to be used the ears are now more thicker which means you hold to be more careful on his post-surgery care probably have to receive him an Elizabethan collar. you are looking of anywhere in the price of $500-$800 just for the ear cropping.the vet will probably not even gaurantee that the ears will stand or may have to cut them really short so they can stand.
I'm pretty sure its illegal contained by alot of places now to crop ears, even if a vet does it n u can get contained by some serious trouble. ppl crop pit bull ears for dog fighting, so they dont get torn. I wouldn't do it, its dangerous and inhumane.
I know it is unconstitutional here in australia and alot of countries in europe, brazil and israel and im sure plentiful others.
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