Can i find a blood experiment to prove my dogs purity?

if so, can i use that test to register him with the AKC, he's a black lab, but didn't hold papers but both parents looked pure n owners say they r pure breed.
You can get your dogs DNA tested but if the parents dont enjoy papers you are out of luckand can not register your dog with the akc.
If the parents don't enjoy papers then the litter won't have papers and there is nil you can do to get papers...If you wanted a papered puppy you should have gotten one from a registered twosome from a reputable breeder.

*ugh maybe I can read your mind. You said you saw the parents and the owners "said" they were wouldn't taken much shot to ask to see the papers! Golly, if ya wanted a paperd puppy get one from registered parents from a reputable breeder.
Nope. It's papers or nil. Blood tests can't prove breed purity.

But what does it matter, really? Your dog wouldn't be any better with papers than he is already. Just delight in your dog, and don't worry about how pure his breed is.
There are DNA test that can confirm the breed(s) of a dog, however that can not be used to register him with AKC and their accuracy is not so great. AKC requires both parents be registered in writ to register a dog. The breeder also has to be the one doing the registering. You can, however, register him through AKC's ILP/PAL program in order to compete contained by things like AKC agility and obedience trials. He must be neutered surrounded by order to do it. You send in a form, proof of spay from the vet, photos of the dog, and a fee, and they will register him in that program, but it is not a full AKC registration. Information on the program is here:
You can follow the Purebreed Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege process whether you want to register to participate in events such as obedience, activate, agility, etc. However,if you want to register your dog so you can breed an AKC registered litter, that is not possible-blood test nor DNA oral exam withstanding.

You can go on the AKC site, click on "registration" , then look on toward the bottom right side of the page for rules and regulations for further information on their programs.
I hope this helps.

I don't know if it's a blood audition but there is some kind of test you can find to tell what kind of dog he is. Talk to your vet, they will tell you some option. If the test shows he is pure lab then yeah, you can probably use that to get him registered.
Answers:    Nope

Those breed-ID tests will NOT guarantee that your dog is a purebred.. they may come back stating that your dog is "mostly lab, next to no other breeds detected" or something along that lines.. they just wont put a guarantee on being purebred or not. AKC does not accept these test for registration either.

The DNA tests offered by AKC are only for simply paternity testing.. it wont get your dog an AKC registration either.

Both parents hold to be fully AKC registered, the breeder then registers the litter, and gives the owner the registration papers.. that's the ONLY way to gain AKC registration.

If you get him neutered, you can apply for an ILP/PAL listing thru the AKC tho.
you can't. You see before your dogs parents get pregnant, that owner would have had to register the litter... And it had to be back the dog was even pregnant, so it had to have be planned. So now... you can't!
Nope. Both parent's need to be registered, and the breeder have to register the litter before you can register your dog.

You can get an ILP/PAL registration through the AKC, that will allow him to enter all events bar conformation. He has to be neutered first though.
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