Can i use bengay on my dog?

My dog has had problem with one of his put money on legs. for the last several weeks it has seemed bothersome for him but never though much in the order of it. My dashund is 13 years old so he is pretty old.

But just nowadays his back leg seems really stifff. Sometimes he can get up and move for a time and sometimes it seems like he just drags himself because he cannot bring to the fore the leg. I know its due part of the cold that is making it worse but not sure whether he just injured it today.

Can i use bengay on the leg to help it? havent be able to find anythng if its safe to us. Just to relief out with any serious pain until tomorrow when i can take it to a vet. Any thinking? thanks

Its just one of his back legs btw.
u must take ur dog to vet as quick as u can because since ur dog is ancient, he might be feeling pain to his back legs and something wrong. u hold to be careful with ur dog's health as he get older. due to dashund's long body and short legs, if the dog is over weighted, too much stress can be applied to the legs causing a discomfort. so plz be careful :]
It's better whether you don't use Human products on your pets. Keep your Dog inside your house and keep him warm until you get to lift him to the Vet.

NO. It's KILLED a dog before.
Don't believe me? Read:

Go to vet, they will give you something, it will be cheap, and it will back.

Most recommended product is this:

If you don't have the time or money for a vet, read this:

A lot of reading I know.
NO NO NO! He will probably lick it off and get sick from it. But you do own the right idea.

Heat will probably make him more comfortable. If you use a heating wad, you must be right there with him to be sure he doesn't chew the cord or wad. Dogs do things they don't normally do when they are in pain. Hot marine bottles or warm towels would work, tool.

Good luck.

Don't use bengay, he'll just lick it off and it isn't the concerned of thing that should be ingested. Give him a baby asprin (NOT TYLENOL!). 5-10 mg per pound of the dogs weight is typically past the worst as long as it's not a toy sized dog.
I don't believe it will hurt him but it might make him crazy because he won't understand the sensation. He also might lick it off because Bengay smells minty.

How roughly speaking aspirin? You can give it to a dog regularly for arthritis. Call your vet for the dose.
Not certain about that...he might lick it.

I'd rather see you get him gluecosamine chondroitin suppliment..and conceivably a pain killer like Metacam.

Massage, and even a reheat hot tub bath or soak can sure help too :)
Try using a warm hot water bottle on it or a moorland pad to help with the stiffness. My dog who have severe arthritis in her rear legs use to find relief when I use a hot hose down bottle on her leg. Try to keep him off of it as much as possible and give him a comfortable place to lay down.

I wouldn't put the ben homosexual on him because it tends to heat up on humans and you don't know what the reaction would be on an animal. He may also lick at it and it could create him sick or be harmful in some way.
No you Cant! that's like testing lip gloss on animals!
run him to the vet because if this is serious
a professional needs too see
it can kill the dog!
no he might lick it!
It might be okay... Sure
I think not. It is a Dachshund and the leg problem is arthritis of the spine. Your vet can X-ray and give you the proper medication to help.
No! No! No! Over the counter human topical medicine are not formulated for a dog's skin and could cause inflammation and skin problems. Different PH and all that. If your dog is 13 he probably has arthritis and may necessitate proper medication ... I'm old and I sure do. For now you could dispense him 1/2 of a baby aspirin to take away the backache. Your vet will prescribe a proper canine anti-inflammatory, but the aspirin should be ok or now. I also suggest you change over to a big quality senior dog food, not something you can buy at Walmart (no insult intended, Sam). Talk to the people at a good pet store and draw from their suggestions. My dog (13) gets along great with a Nutro brand senior dry food, but there are several right brands out there. Good luck!!
Answers:    Please don't; you can't inform how it feels to him, it might chemically burn him and if he licked it rotten you'd probably mess up his mouth and innards (if not outright poisoning him) as well.
I'd try warm compresses, maybe a hot river bottle or heating pad (with supervision) to provide nouns through the night; your vet may prescribe rimadyl tomorrow.
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