Can my cocker spaniel stay external surrounded by the cold weather?

YES, i know cocker spaniels are inside dogs, but, because my home was damaged severly within Hurrican Ike 3 months ago, i'm staying with my mom, who is alergic to dogs. So, she was nice enough to tolerate me at least keep him in the backyard.
But.. i'm fitting extremely worried about him because its becoming winter now and my mom REFUSES to agree to him come inside.
He does have very thick curly long tresses and a dog house. Tonight it's going to be somewhere in the mid 40's.. and i'm wondering if he's going to be ok.. because i'm freaking out!!
If you are alarmed then just put some blankets in the box or rugs. She will be ok.

Any dog shouldn't be left outside in the cold weather; however whether you must, the kindest thing to do in this circumstance is to provide it modest shelter such as a covered dog house with a warming pad inside. There are pad sold at pet stores that warm up when a dog or cat lie down on them. Also provide adequate verbs, fresh, not frozen water when your dog is outside and keep it absent from possible predators.
He will be fine, I have 2 and they sometimes sleep external when it's frosty or snowing.

A good tip is to go to a charity shop (goodwill shop) and buy some old used blankets. He will ruck them up and manufacture a dog nest and be happy as :)

When my dogs got older, I bought them jacket for night time. But he will be fine, he has his own fur coat.
If it is that kind o situation, Yes. Try to face the dog house angled toward the house and get some strw or hay and put it contained by his dog house dont use blankets if they get wet they can basis the dog to get wet and cold and cause him to achieve sick. If you have some type of tarp, try and make a "roof" over the dog house that way whether he has to go potty he has for a moment extra protection. Good Luck.
If you don't have a dog house for the dog then maybe it can only just stay in the room you're sleeping in.
If you have a dog house for him next use newspaper that's what we did with our beagle.
Make sure he has straw in the house and that you hold his coat mat and tangle-free,as a matted coat will not keep a dog warm and can attract flies.You might want to keep him within a puppy clip,which will keep him warm,but will not allow his coat to become tangled ,and it will dry faster whether it should get wet.Don't use blankets as they trap moisture.
the 40's are ok. but make certain there is sufficient water and a place your dog can stay out of the wind
Mid 40's? As long as the dog has shelter from the weave and some nice soft bedding the dog will be fine.

By the way, there is no such thing as an "inside" dog. All dogs require external time for exercise, socialization and mental stimulation.
no! a blanket won't lend a hand that dog...hay in the dog house will.
Will he have a dog house, that is to say well ventilated? A heated dog water bowl?

Research, and cause sure he has the proper conditions before you take home him go outside.

Good Luck. Happy Holidays :)
Answers:    I would do the best you can to insulate his house, block any wind path outside his doggy door, and even put a heating pad within there. Or you can try to find another friend or neighbor that doesn't mind keeping him inside for you while it's cold. How long do you have to live near your mother?
depending on how cold it is afterwards it can or cant, if its snowing or somthing then this is a dumb question, even whether its snowing then it has to have its coat
It's too cold to leave him out all darkness. Maybe you could explain to her that it is cruel to leave him out all night and you are worried that he could die. Maybe she'll at lowest possible let you keep him in at darkness. Has she had an allergic reaction to him? Does she just reflect she will? Isn't their hair more like human hair? Do you enjoy a basement or an area in the house that would be further absent from her? In your room with your door shut? I hope she lets you let him surrounded by. Good luck.
whether its that case then yes leave him external then grab a warm blanket and cover him
Create or even find a good insulated dog house.
You can fill it with plenty of straw bedding or blankets.
We also bring to the fore ours on pallets so any water flows through the bottom.
You can also place it away from the wind or cold against the house.
Is in attendance a safe garage that he may use part of? You can also place a heater contained by there.The safe oil full up old radiator looking styles found in any lumber store or Home Depot.
Mid 40's isn't horrible but he does need a secure dog house to escape the elements.
It is fine just be sure to follow these rules && everything will be fine next to your outdoor pup.

~Ensure access to fresh water: Consider using a heated water bowl in dog runs o preserve your pet's water from freezing. Failing this, a floating ball will help to stop rime forming across the entire surface, that is if your dog will leave it near. Plastic bowls are safer than metal, but they can crack when frozen.
~Provide plenty of shelter: The cold weather is often accompanied by strong winds, so it is vitally influential that a dog kennel provides adequate shelter. A well-insulated dog house attached to the kennel will keep your dog warm and dry. It is major that the kennel has flooring so the dog is not lying directly on the cold ground. When a dog gets cold, he uses his own energy supply to hold warm. By giving adequate shelter you are ensuring that your dog is still full of vigour during even the coldest months. This is especially important for working dogs.
~Increase an outside dog's food rations: Dogs use more perkiness keeping warm, so this means that they burn more calories and require extra nutrition to assemble their needs.
~Bring your dogs inside when wind chills drop below 0 degrees.
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