Can we use Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo on puppies?

or adult dogs?
I would. I use Head and Shoulders on my dogs too because it kill fleas on contact. Afterwards I use regular shampoo on them and it makes them smell so nice. They love it, and their coats are soft and fluffy. I have long hair chihuahuas. I hold never had a problem with dry coats. No problems at all.
Yep! The Johnson and Johnson is really gentle and won't dry out their skin. I don't know whether I would use that on an adult dog though because they tend to be dirtier and I don't know how well that would clean. You can buy puppy shampoo and I would reccomend dog shampoo for adults, the oatmeal ones are generally pretty good and gentle.
Lizzie is right, there really isn't too much of a difference surrounded by the PH. No matter what shampoo you use, you just have to watch out and not get it in their faces or ears. I put cotton ball in their ears when giving my dogs a bath. (The giant ones-so I can get them out when the tub is over) When my dog had yeast, my vet told me to use Selsun Blue Medicated Shampoo to get rid of the yeast. It did! Now I use a dog shampoo with oatmeal.
No because it's for people not dogs. Their curls and skin are different then ours so use shampoo for dogs.
Why use a human shampoo when the ph rank is different in dogs than in humans. Why not buy a suitable puppy shampoo.
Why? It's NOT for puppies. It's actually not even a calm shampoo for dogs.. It just has a pH level specifically the same as human tears so it doesn't burn a human baby's eyes. Dogs are NOT the same pH. and it could be very irritating to them. If you're gonna use an OTC dog shampoo, use one to be exact for dogs and that has oatmeal and aloes in it. But really, what you should do is get your vet to contribute you a prime shampoo that helps skin, fur, sheen. and kills fleas & ticks. If you're gonna bathe a dog, use pious dog shampoo.
PS Don't bathe more than once a month because any shampoo will dry out a dog's skin & coat with frequent bathing.
I think so, but I'm not sure. Call a pet store and ask[:
Answers:    Yes, you can, Dilute the baby shampoo with an equal cut of warm water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Keep hip bath water and shampoo out of the dog's eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Any shampoo that is pH fair can be used on a dog. "pH balanced" simply means that a shampoo is neutral; it is neither acid nor stand. There is no such thing as special pH balancing for people or dogs even though the advertisers would similar to you to think so. Neutral is neutral. pH balanced medium it's neutral and that is that.
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