Can you register a dog whether the parents aren't registered?

My pit bull just had puppies and my husband and I want you register them, but some one said that we can't unless the mother and father are registered. Please help and update me what I should do.
If your mother/father dogs were from registered stock( meaning that both of their parents were registered but the breeder sold you them lacking papers) you can register them if you had all the info from the registered grandparents. This is frozen work which is why if you were planning on breeding and selling registered pups, I would have made certain that your female/male were from registered stock.

If your mom/dad dogs are not of registered stock, then no you can't get them registered by any reputable dog registery.

However in that are some registeries that registered pure bred dogs with no previous registration.

1. CKC

"2.Dogs over 6 months of age which have no preceding Registration history may be registered by providing 2 witness signatures attesting to the purebred status of the dog along with 3 photos (front,left and right) of the dog to confirm it is ‘of proper breed type’ as defined by our current CKC Registration Rules and Regulations.Canine Registration Applications are available in PDF format from our trellis site. (click here to download it now)"-

Once you get the parents registered if they meet the standards, you should know how to get the pups registered too.

Personally, I never buy from CKC or any other registry similar to that, breeders because sometimes people pass rotten a mutt as a purebred.

I remember a few others but I'm not too familar about them.


Just what the world needs more badly bred Pit Bulls roaming the streets!

Obviously if the dogs be not registered with papers they were not good point well bred dogs to start with - and now Whoopdy-Do you enjoy bred them together to produce more badly bred dogs!!

Were the Dam and Sire top quality specimens of their breed?
Had they gained any accreditation contained by conformation or obedience?
Were the Dam and Sire temperament tested for aggression or timidness and medically checked for any genetic health issues?

Did you have homes contained by mind for these puppies?
Does the world need more poorly unhealthy pit bulls?
Or will you newly sell them to who ever wants one regardless of the new owners situation - most of the puppies will probably extremity up being fighting dogs owned by idiots!

I feel totally sorry for the puppies!

Please spay and neuter you dogs to prevent this happening again.

People who don't know what they are doing should NEVER breed dogs! It is a science that takes plentiful years to produce great dogs!

carry both your dogs altered asap and get those mutt puppies altered before you find good homes that will appropriate them for free!!
you also make me sick so congrats
those poor animals

You can't register them with any registry that is worth anything unless both parents are registered. In the US the just reputable registry that registers APBTs is the UKC, and they require verifiable parentage. Any registry that would give you 'papers' on them is worth less than the paper they are printed on.

Get your dogs fixed.
No your pups cannot be registered. Registration is for pedigree dogs.
Answers:    Correct. Both parents must be registered before the litter (and then the individual puppies) can be registered. If both sire and dam are not registered, later no puppies can be registered.
You can register them with any registry except AKC.CKC is biddable and only requires you to send in a photo of your dog to prove he is the breed that you speak he is.
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