Chihuahua have scabs on sides of mouth and eye..?

My chihuahua just turned 7 years old. About a year ago, maybe for a time less, she developed little scab like things on the sides of her mouth. I took her to the vet, of course, and he said it be some type of fungal infection that was causing it. She'd also get red bump type places on the inner corners of her eyes, and her vagina would bring back red and a little swollen. He said it was all cause by the same fungal type infection, not sure exactly what he said it be. So he gave me meds to give her, for a month, and it didn't get better. So she be getting a cortisone shot every 4-6 weeks for it, which would help and then it would just come spinal column. We've been doing that for about a year. As time progressed I asked the vet more questions roughly speaking it and he said it happens to a lot of dogs and she just wants to get the shot every 4-6 weeks. Well, I've noticed now that the shot doesn't help out every single time. Like this past time, her eyes and vagina cleared up, but the places on her mouth didn't. And things seem to have gotten worse than when it adjectives first started, like now sometimes the scabs are filled next to pus. Now I've noticed she's getting the same type of scab at the corner of her eye (outside of it). That's just not typical, and is obviously a sign of some type of problem. She also got into a spat with one of her kitty siblings a few months ago and the scab on her antenna hasn't healed. It falls off only to come spinal column again.

I've done some searching online to see if I could find out what could be wrong with her, but I've have no luck. Has anyone had experience with this?

I've been going to my vet for years and trust him beside all of my animals, but I plan on getting a second opinion from another vet just about this within the next week or two. I just required to see if anyone here might know anything about it so I can try to gain a little familiarity beforehand.
please get a second opinion!
its visibly not getting better.
you may look online for a veterinary dermatologist(skin specialist).
i had a friend with a chi cross:her dog also have a stubborn skin fungus,but the treatment was oral meds,that's used for people too:Nizoral tablets.
skin problems can be difficult to get rid of.Look for a skin Dr vet!
Cortisone is used for most skin irritations in dogs, ill-fatedly over time a resistance can be built up. Along with side effects which include reduced immune system. After a prolonged period of time what worked before may not work anymore. Just similar to antibiotics.

I would guess there is something your dog is allergic to on your property given the places the irritation occurs, that is ones that are close to the ground for pissing and sniffing.

You may concentration it worse at certain times of the year. A common problem is acutally the common daisy found contained by a lot of grasses.

The vet can perform tests on your dog to find out what it is which may be expensive or you can survey it out in your yard. Try keeping your dog off the grass for a extent of time. Change it's diet, there are many solutions to your problem, you will have to research it, for your nouns and your breed of dog.
Answers:    well good luck w/you're
I agree that you should see a different vet, I would ask around to find one that specializes surrounded by skin care for domestic animals. It could be some sort of fungus, however if there is pus it is an infection. Could be both. I'm not a vet. Are the scabs inside or external of her mouth? If they are inside, she could have a serious infection or cancer. I hope all turns out well for your pup. Good luck!
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