Difference between Samoyed and American Eskimo Dog?

And which is friendlier and more tolerant of other dogs and people?
Although the American Eskimo comes in a couple of sizes I would say that in standard, as long as you are talking well bred dogs, I have like the temperaments on the Samoyed much better. Just make sure you step to a good home breeder.
I find the American Eskimo to be more skittish and defensive of toys/food/raw hide etc. than the Samoyed. But again all these things depend on the line, the genetic family losing the dogs. While some behaviors are learned in reality a predisposition can exist for abiding traits. Samoyed's, and Siberian Huskies, that are well bred are really easy going, easy to live next to dogs.
The differences are that the Samoyed is bigger, and not as vocal and highstrung as the Eskimo. Samoyeds are more likely to bring along with young children and other dogs, however both breeds are from the "Spitz" family which are adjectives Stubborn, independant, and protective of their property.

You can find more info on both breeds at...
if your asking which you should get
hand down a samoyed
eskimos are not good with children and can be down right nippy
we always enjoy to muzzle in clinic
eskimos are more freakish, i think
they have abundantly more anxiety than the samoyed
they also have more medical dispositions then the samoyed
they also bark closely!!
both will need lots of space
they each have the spine so get a good vaccuum

i would never own a eskimo
but i would own a samoyed
i have deal with a lot of dogs and honestly there are not a integral lot of purebreds that i would own
my advice adopt which ever you get
muts live longer this is a fact
Petfinder.com is a great source to find pure breds and muts
hope this help
Although they look a lot alike, these two breeds are not related at all. Their temperaments are rather different.

Samoyeds are one of the oldest and purest breeds. For many centuries, maybe even a thousand years or more, these dogs lived with their nomadic tribe. They stayed pure because they be geographically isolated in northern Siberia. Some Samoyeds were import to the western world in the late 1800s and early 1900s. By this time, purebred dog fanciers have begun keeping reliable pedigree records. So adjectives Samoyeds trace their pedigrees back to these original imports and no other breeds be mixed with them.

American Eskimos trace their origin to the spitz type farm dogs of Europe, like stock that produced the pomeranian. They were farm dogs, ratters, watch dogs. They be a well established type long before Samoyeds showed up here in America.

Eskies enjoy a sharper temperament than Samoyeds. Samoyeds are active, but it is a different kind of active. It's close to Eskies are a tightly wound spring, and more likely to be reactive. Eskies are generally more obedient because they own less of the independent northern breed traits. Eskies are also more likely to be nippy or even biters. They are less tolerant surrounded by general, definitely less tolerant of kids and strange dogs.

Samoyeds are more healthy go lucky. They are a true northern breed, with the independent mind, desire to roam whether they get out of the yard, tendency to verbs, etc. (Although they are not as extreme in these traits as a Siberian) They do have a desire to please, but sometimes there is newly something better to do. Samoyeds are definitely friendly, most will bark when a stranger comes near but that's adjectives they are going to do. They don't have much interest in protecting property. Samoyed temperament tends to compass from very friendly and outgoing with other people and dogs, to reserved but vitally friendly with them.

A friend put up a good page that talks roughly the differences between the breeds.
I aspiration I had a a samoyed.
I know within is a size difference - the Eskimo dogs are smaller then the Samys. Both are similar in many ways.

You'll hold to read breed standards and ask breeders about other dogs/people cause I'm more familiar near Samys then the Eskimo dogs. If the Eskimo dogs are smaller I'd probably pick that one.
Your first poster is absolutely correct. Asking here, where within are a bunch of instant "experts" who really know absolutely NOTHING isn't going to get you a decent answer.

That human being said-- I've owned Sams for 36+ years and been a breeder for 20 years...

Contrary to the posters who simply believe the Sam is an overgrown Am. Eskimo they are NOTHING ALIKE.


Sams like people... particularly children. Eskies were bred as perimeter guards and don't especially similar to people other than "their" people. - A Sam have no sense of loyalty, the same cannot be said for an Eskie.

As a breed, Sams are not known for biting or nipping. The same cannot be said for Eskies.

Both breeds are prearranged to be barkers. Sams can be trained out of it if it simply is not allowed from puppyhood. Eskies bark because it be bred into them as perimeter guards. A Sam will welcome an intruder into the house, the same cannot be said for an Eskie.

Well-bred Sams resembling other dogs. Eskies have that "I have to keep everyone absent from the sheep" thing going on.

Both breeds are highly intelligent and train easily **IF** you hold any clue what you are doing. Google NILF (nothing in life is free).

Both breeds need to be purchased ONLY from a responsible breeder or a rescue. While a backyard bred puppy may look cute, they are ticking time bombs health-wise and a rescue will own been health and temperament screened. A responsible breeder lone breeds dogs who are temperamentally and physically sound.

Edit: LOLOL (a) "protective of their property". A Samoyed was bred as a village dog and doesn't tender a d^mn about property. While they may bark at someone coming to the house, it is generally a meet "hey, see me, give me some attention, here's the way to the cookies" sort of thing.
They're first cousins and except for a small difference in size, there is little difference between the two.
Answers:    This is a Samoyed!http://www.akc.org/breeds/samoyed/index.
This is an American Eskimo!

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