Do dogs remember their owner after 30 days of human being seperated?

I read that dogs live in the present (I am reading "Be the pack leader" by Cesar Millan).

I am wondering if a dog will remember their owner after being apart from them for 30 days? (I am discussion about those owners with a strong relationship with their dog). Will dogs suppose that their owner has died and move on with their "dog life"?

When does a dog "forget" in the region of their owner or do they never forgot about their "mommy" or "daddy"? When the owner returns, will the relationship (trust, love, etc) need to be started all over again or does it pick up right where on earth it left off?

This is a serious question and I am not a dog psychologist, so I am hoping that someone on Yahoo Answers will transport this seriously. Thank you all.

They will remember. Dogs moving onto England have to be quarantined for months and are usually sent ahead. My dogs remember inhabitants they have met in the past. My Chow loves my former landlords. The end time we saw them she acted liked they were her best friends and no time had chronological since the last meeting. It had be over a year since we saw them. Dogs do live in the present. I think that is why they are so beaming. They focus on this walk, this game of fetch, this cart ride, etc... They are other so thrilled to see you after work or school. They know you are coming home, but it is always a glorious entry to them that you are home. I think the love is always nearby. I have a dog that I adopted and she is perfectly contented here, I'm certain if she saw her former family she'd greet them joyously. I know horses remember former owners...
Well our in law dogs remember us when they come to visit, so I say yes. I don't know why a dog would forget someone only after 30 days. I be watching dogs 101 this morning and they had a story about an Akita that went to the train every afternoon to meet his master when he got off work, single his master had died. The owners family had the dog, but every afternoon he would go to the train and wait for him to come back from work, until the dog died. I guess they made a film about it.
Dogs will never forget their owners. It will take at least a year for that to happen. Lions behave and imagine just like dogs. Watch this video and you'll see proof of the fact that animals that enjoy been attached to their owners for even just a year will never forget you. Enjoy!
I be just thinking about the same piece the other day. My boyfriend and I went out of state for thanksgiving and had to be off our 11 month old puppy with the lady we get him from. He still knows her, she has other dogs so we take him near to play. We were only gone 3 days so I knew he would patently remember us.
I think if you have a strong bond beside your dog, and you've had him since it was a pup, I think it will other remember you. That's just what I believe.
30 days isn't really all that long. They may not trust you as much because you were gone for so long.
I think they always remember you, but you would own to reestablish the close bond again. Our dogs love to have my cousin come over. Sometimes it is 2 months before we get together, they still know her and are excited to see her.
Yes. I have sold puppies that when their owners bring them back for a call round, they still remember me even after a year or longer. I gave one to my sister-in-law. We didn't see the dog for a couple of years. When we did see her, at first she didn't seem to recognize us but finally she did and every time she see us now she gets so excited and will stay with us our entire cisits. Dogs do not forget individuals who l;ove them
Dogs don't forget. My husband and I separated shortly after we get my dog when he was still just a puppy. We got posterior together after the dog was a year old. You should have see him when I walked in the door. He was bouncing adjectives over the room for a good 15 minutes. He didn't forget me and he was just somewhat puppy when I left. They never forget.
I believe that if the owner have had the dog, and been close to it, for longer than 2-3 months the dog will remember. I believe this is especially true whether the dog was a young one and became fixed on the owner before the separation.
Answers:    They will remember you for life. I had to be absent for months at a time and always got a warm response with wagging tail and cries.
When my family moved house we had to give our 2 year behind the times golden retriever (tramp) to my uncle. When we went to visit him almost 2 years subsequently, it was like we never parted, he acted similar to he was still living with us he remembered us 100%
They can not lay on the floor of their new domestic and reminise about the old days with you.

However, whether they were to see their old owner, they would most certainly authorize them. Especially by scent. They could even smell a piece of your clothing and they would recognize it. It would take many, abundant years for them to lose that recognition memory.
(My dog was trained when he was a year outdated by someone other than me, before I adopted him. We progress see his old trainer maybe once a year or less. By the time my dog be about 7 years old, he didn't get as excited when he saw his ancient trainer...he did slowly begin to forget his scent.)
My dog remembered me after a year, so I'd say yes
Yes, they will remember you for forever.
Even if they're not super friendly beside you, you will see by the way they act (still a little excited) that they make out your smell/voice/touch.
I would say yes from personal experiences. I am contained by the military and my dogs always remember me when I come home. When I go to my parents domestic my dog I had in high conservatory still gets excited when I come home. They don't forget. I do think however, that whether you are gone for awhile they probably don't think about the owner unless something triggers the memory. Their brains dont work the same as ours so honestly we could never know the answer to that. A dog cant comprehend demise so an owner being absent surely would not cause a dog to focus its owner died. Dogs are capable of short term feelings of neglect though. If I leave the dog with my wife and head out for 30 minutes, the dog wait at the door for me and cries, but she does not do this if she is left alone completely. Its strange behavior.
I was in the hospital for 77 days and couldn't see my dogs, but when I get home they were all outstandingly glad to see me. Dogs never forget, I've sold puppies that months later, or years, when the owners bring them for a visit they remember me and are happy to see me. My daughters dog moved within with her when she moved out and I haven't seen either for three months and the dogs remembered Grandma, I don't have a sneaking suspicion that that they ever forget a person that they care about. :-)
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