Do other countries hold an overpopulation problem?

everyone in the us says if your dogs aren't show, your a byb. and because everyone requirements to breed their dogs, we have a population problem, what about other countries? England, Canada, Australia, ect.
Those countries have them too-DUH!! Dingos (Australia), as a concern of FACT, are originally pet dogs that were left for wild and enjoy since become a WILD breed of dog.
Dogs are one of those animals where they don't populate themselves, they "follow" people. Dogs are domesticated animals-othwise they are WOLVES-wild dog ancestor.

Spay and neuter your pets!
I'm in Canada, and our situation is as bad as surrounded by the US. There are fewer animals in total numbers, but our population is also a lot smaller, so by percentage I believe it's about the same.

There are still many, several adoptable pets here who are euthanized because they are homeless and unwanted. Many more are strays and are killed by disease, cars, or the winter cold.

There's no more excuse for irresponsible breeding or failure to spay/neuter in Canada than surrounded by the US. We have a pet overpopulation problem too.
Answers:    In Australia, to my knowledge, we don't hold a huge overpopulation problem. We do have a small one but then again we have some breeds expelled that are very popular in America (Such as the Pit Bull).

A lot of people want to breed their dogs or other animals, but it may be because Australia is smaller than America and for those reason our overpopulation problems aren't as high.
Other countries don't humanize dogs the opening Americans do.

We bleed our heart's blood for the smallest, sickest stray puppy, we will spend thousands to save it's life, then impart it to a new home for free. It's gotten to the point that people carry more upset about the mis-treatment of animals than we do about the mistreatment of children.

Other countries are a little more sensible in the order of the situation. They do what needs to be done, quickly, quietly and in need the drama of the press, and brainless celebrities.
What's a byb? There are many animal shelters contained by Canada and UK too.
From what I know other countries are not mandatory spay/neuter and own less of a problem that we americans have.

The difference is responsible owners.
I live in South Africa and here too we have a problem. Unfortunately some of our cultures hasn't be raised on how to properly care for your dog and to get it spayed or neuter. Especially in our township and shack dwelling areas. Those dogs breed often and every time a female is on boil. Not to say the people that know better do better. We have like mad of irresponsible breeders out here as well, who see their dogs as money making machines.

Our pet shelters and spca's are over populated, don't get any help from our management and it's a struggle to survive with the many heaps abandoned cats and dogs. Lots and lots of animals get euthanized.

We're also not a culture of adopting animals from shelters and it's with the sole purpose a small percentage that actually does adopt, you know who wants an adult dog near baggage *roll of eyes*. I just adopted two 9 month old-fashioned great danes with heaps of baggage and I know there is a mountain of work ahead for me.

Anyway animals are my feeling and it pees me off that people do not take contemplation of the animals they buy and don't get them spayed and neutered. I advocate it to adjectives who would listen *grin*

So to come back to the question, yes here in South Africa it's a huge problem.
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