Does Brewers yeast really sustain your dogs coat?

I am looking for a supplement to give my German shepherd for her coat-she is a shedder.She has no health problems,is a picky eater so I cannot switch her food.Someone suggested Brewers yeast supplements.Has anyone here have good results with this and does it really slow shedding?Thanks and GODbless
I tried brewer's yeast on my dog's food- she would not touch it! she is exceedingly, very picky. She is now 13 and I have be feeding her Flint River Ranch for nearly 10 years now (it is only available thru UPS I also join a splash of oil (either canola or olive) and vitamin E capsules. In recent years I've started mixing her dry food with Nutro Natural Choice dry AND showery food.
She does shed in the spring/summer but it usually subsides by fall. Is your dog stressed? Do you live contained by a warm or cool climate? Brushing helps, but I'm sure you don't want to do that everyday.
In the recent past I would also give her fish oil capsules, but stopped because I be finding them just near her bowl (she would get them within her mouth than spit them out!) I receive lots of compliments how her coat is so shiny and "puppy like". I would suggest try the oil on her food or you may just enjoy to switch. By the way, if you can afford it try flint river ranch (or a vet to hand you may have a sample) when dog friends come over they always try to devour it! Good luck :)
The brewer's yeast is unlikely to help beside shedding, and is a potential allergen. A good, quality food could help (it help with my Golden Retrievers' coats-good nutrition is good for the whole body, whether you are dog or human). Since your dog have a sensitive stomach, I recommend California Naturals-it's a TOP quality food, and is designed for dogs with allergies (which COULD cause excessive shedding) or sensitive digestive systems. Give it at lowest 2 months to see an improvement, and be aware that there could be some digestive upset during the switch, but it will resolve. I have have luck in the past with Omega 3's and also next to Lambert Kay Shed Relief, but nothing worked as well as switching to this new food.

For your GSD, what are you using to brush your dog? I approaching the Mars Coat King shedding blades-a number 12 would probably be appropriate for your dog. Folllow with a pin brush or slicker to catch stray hairs.
well fish oil is the best article for the coat and skin. i suggest you get a furminator to get the below coat out and that will help with shedding here is a link for the furminator and how it works. i work at a kennel and we also do grooming, and i hold used the furminator it works very good.
I would suggest getting a good quality of dog food. But switch the food little by little but adding them together until the food she is use to is gone.

German Shepherds do shed and it isn't always because of their food. I use to groom. Get what they call a 'slicker' and also a 'rake'.
NO IT DOES *NOT*!! Nor does it "repel" fleas or any other granny-tale being spewed.

ALL GSD shed PROFUSELY! 24/7/365. Didn't you research FIRST??

There's NOTHING you can put IN or ON any dog to stop shedding.
We use a brewers yeast complex from PetMeds with our dogs. Their coats are full and shiny. We enjoy an Australian Shepherd, a German Shepherd, and two APBT. We get compliments on their coats.

As for the shedding, my vet told me to try: Give your dog a bath with Mane and Tail shampoo. When you run to rinse, use a mixture of chlorine bleach and water. Mix with a ratio of 1 cap of chlorine bleach per 1 gallon of thaw out water. Use the bleach for at least three times over a 3 week period.

I am not certain what the chlorine bleach does, but something cut down on our dogs shedding and their coats look very good.

The other thing is, phone a dog groomer and see what they recommend.

Hope this helps.
Answers:    Yes but if you really want a honourable coat then get Nupro supplement its much better. Brewers does help near shedding but all dogs shed so its not that big of a deal. There about duplicate in price and can be found at the same place.

Edit- Dont listen to tryin he/she is rude, and doesnt know what at hand talking about.

It wont completly stop shedding but it will help stifle it.

Also any fish oils will help. Also Norwegian Kelp is also a good choice for coat issues.

For any of these apart from the oil you should get powder not pills. i think brewers comes contained by a pill, but kelp and nupro doesnt but still. It is easier to administer to the dog in powder form cause you can a moment ago put it in there food and mix it up.

Here is a picture of the nupro we use

buy it in bulk and it will closing for a long time

Heres a picture of norwegian kelp

we have used both (not at the same time), and they both work. we switched to nupro cause not adjectives our dogs liked the taste of the kelp. Nupro makes this sortof flavourful gravy in the dogs food which they really like.
You have a German Shepard, no event what you do. The dog will shed. I don't believe Brewers yeast is going to help with a dog like that, as it's unprocessed for them to shed large amounts at once. Best of luck though.
I hold heard that brewer's yeast is a good supplement, but have no experience next to it myself.

However, your statement about your dog being " a picky eater so I cannot switch her food" - she will eventually eat doesn`t matter what food you provide for her, so unless she has medical reasons for not switching foods, being a picky eater is not a valid object, in my opinion.

Add: did you switch to the new food little by little? Did you try just one food, or did you try to switch to another food to see of she tolerates that as well? There are some strong arguments to be made about rotating your dog's food regularly - the best man, in my opinion, that it results in a dog specifically NOT a picky eater!
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