Does innova puppy build muscle for my pitbull puppy?

okay i have a pitbull puppy 13 weeks i want to start feeding him top quality food, right immediately i feed him beneful dog food with k9 puppy gold powder on it would innova puppy kind a differnece on him. please write back its very urgent
Why would you want a 13 week old puppy to look muscular? 3 month old human babies are not muscular any!!

Beneful is a poor quality food so you will be feeding him a much higher ability food with Innova.

When he gets older you'll find exercise and swimming will build muscle but for in a minute, just let him be a puppy and look like a puppy.

I don't see anything urgent just about your question. You just have to hang around for your pup to mature. Why are you so concerned about your dog being muscular. What is essential is that you train him well and that he grows up to be a well behaved dog.
While muscle building is mainly dependant upon inheritance and daily excercise, it is also important to feed your dog the right thoughtful of food. Look for dog food that does not have corn anywhere in the first five ingredients. Any kind of meat should be the first two ingredients. Post a sound out about finding a good quality dog food and you will go and get lots of information about shopping for dog food!

(Beneful is actually low quality, and so is innova. Just check the ingredients on the pod! Too much corn, and not enough meat.)
right.. and why would someone possibly want to build muscle surrounded by a pittbull. Go get run in front of a speeding truck you evil eyed mechanically aptituded dog gunfighter scum. Go ahead, go clik on add to details and let somebody know me I'm wrong. I'm going to believe every word you say.
Why within the world would it be "urgent" to build muscle in a 13 week puppy? Any possible reason other than to brand a fighting dog? How horrible you are. If you had done any research you would know that causing a puppy to grow too briskly causes physiological damage, but obviously you are planning on cause a lot more damage to that poor innocent animal.
Answers:    Innova is a better quality food.. but singular 2 things "build muscle"..

1) Heredity
2) Exercise - which you cannot do much of while it is a puppy

Edit: Innova happens to be one of the best kibbles on the market.
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