Does my dog look overweight?

*plz don't report*

Okay, I know that she is overweight. She's a sheltie that's suppossed to weigh 25 pounds and instead weighs 75! lol! so I just wanted to know, by her appearance does she look overweight?

And yes, in the past anyone says anything, yes she is very spoiled. She even has her own spot at the dinner table. no practical joke. lol! and she has her own cookie jar. lol! but she was way too big to start with, so you can't blame it all on me. lol! and, incase you are wondering, her name is Casey. =]

and i be trying to get her at some different angles too.
Yeah I think shes a bit too big for her breed.

Maybe open to stop giving her so many treats, like maybe simply once or twice a week for when she has been very upright.

Also just slightly cut down on what you feed her, unless you don't over feed her.

And remember to help yourself to her for heaps of walks, and a dog her size should be running more as well, so take her for some jog. Remember to keep her safe, healthy and delighted (:
She does look a little overweight, but not bad. Trust me, that dog is not 50 lbs overweight!! I don't know who told you her just right weight was 25 lbs, but it's absolutely ridiculous.

I hold a very strong suspicion that your dog is not in fact a sheltie at adjectives. She's a collie. Lol, the only difference is the size, so that should be a dead giveaway. >^.^<
I have a friend that had one of those dogs and comparing him to her she is a little over mass but nothing that you can't get a handle on freshly cut her back on her portions and walk a couple times a day.She is a Beautiful dog.
Yes, she looks quite overweight. Please be aware that allowing your dog to become (or remain) obese is just as much abuse as is underfeeding your dog. You are drastically shortening her existence, putting stress on her joints, and compromising her quality of life overall. It is unproblematic to get a dog down to a proper weight. You feed them smaller amount and take them on more walks. Since you as the dog's owner control the food and the walks, within is no excuse for a fat dog.
She's a beautiful dog, and it was difficult to report to from the photos if she truly has a weight problem or not. One photo of her lying down made it look as though she have a little to lose in the belly nouns. But, that gorgeous coat of hers does a pretty good job of hiding her true weight. Best article to do is get her on a scale and then google what the standard should be for her point. Many times breed weight standards are not always accurate if your dog is larger than the standard. So, grasp her weight and also you can check with the vet. Once, again, she is a beautiful dog and it looks as though you pocket very good care of her!
What do you mean "to begin with"?? She be already fat when you got her??

I don't know what you are looking for here... yes, she's overweight. No, it's not funny. Your dog's health is human being seriously compromised because her owners think that it's cute to give her whatever she requirements and "spoil" her. She doesn't know that all of those yummy treats are the reason that she doesn't enjoy running and playing similar to she used to. Poor thing.

Just so we're clear -- she's adorable. But she needs to lose some weight!!
Answers:    Lol cute Question!!
That is one cute dog!!She doesn't look overweight from the first view, but on the rest, a little bit.. She doesn't look overweight, only just a little big.. But still, she is so adorable!!

And no, she's not really overweight. Some dogs are just... bigger than others. Kinda like humans. Plus, her fur add some "body", lol. But maybe cut down on the treats a little, really make her fetch/run or something, and she'll be in good health and loose a couple pounds.

Cute dog!
She looks pretty healthy though. whether your worried talk to a vet and ask if she should be put on a nutrition diet cause surrounded by the long run she could have bad hips for being weighty with small legs. good luck,
btw she is beautiful

she is a overweight whether she is 75lbs. i recommend putting her on a diet until she gets to the range of weight she desires to be. otherwise, she beautiful
not really..they right to be heard the normal weight for shelties is that...but i have 2 and one of them is soo skinny and still weigh like i think its just how the counterweight evens out...but she's fine.just ask her vet about it the next time you shift!good luck!
That is a beautiful dog you have here. I honestly dont think she is that overweight. It fits her size. I dont think it would hurt her to lose a couple of pounds though. Beautiful dog. Beautiful dog.

Yes, she does look overweight, she should not look like that =(. You might want to put her on a diet, which you can ask your vet about. He/ she will be capable of tell you what you can change her food and what excercises you cant do to lower her weight and get hold of her back to a healthy weight. If you love your dog, this is the right point to do ! Hope this helps =)
awww shes adorable!! she doznt look 2 overweight i guess whether the extra lbs. isnt affecting her health then shes fine. o yea my dog looks skinnier 2 wen he get a bath he really is thin but he looks like a big fluff globe wen hes dry lol.
She looks lovely .. definitely not exceedingly overweight but if she weighs 72 instead of 25 then that's of course a matter of concern.
shes beautiful but maybe rather chubby but then again that could be her fur :)
maybe a little but i bet profusely of it is just big does she look when you give her a bath??plentifully of dogs "shrink" in water lol. my friend's dog looks like 5 times smaller within water than when she is dry
A Sheltie? The angles are not good but in the pic of her lay down outside, she does not look like a Sheltie at all. She looks similar to a Collie. Okay I looked at the pics again.
Your dog does not look like a sheltie it is a Collie or mix of both and is not overweight.
If your dog was a sheltie she would not be bigger than that mat behind her surrounded by the one picture.

My mother in law has an out of standard Sheltie and he is overweight.
If you dog is a Sheltie and 75lbs it would be extremly noticable.

Did you see the breeding filch place? Did you meet the parents? That nose looks long to me in that external pic?
People lie all the time. Dams can have more than one sire.

No business not to be rude but I am calling BS on this dog being 50lbs overweight. It is impossible for that dog to be 75lbs and not look like this
That is an overweight sheltie and is extremly visible

If that dog is truly a sheltie one you are either lying or you were lied too, maybe misunderstood what you be told about her weight.
There is no way that dog weigh more then my large breed dogs which are Pit Bulls, A Golden and a Rotti mix.
My smallest Pit Bull is 16 inches tall and weigh. 34 lbs. If she weigh 75 lbs she would not be able to move.
Yeah she does. You can tell because her head is quite small and looks too small for her body

But man that dog is so pretty get real nice colourings!
I own a good eye for this type of thing- she does show some weight even under her attractive fur. If she really is 75lbs. she is not going to live very long. I really hate to say this, but get the impression it must be said. It's not funny when a dog is overweight, it is just as serious as if you were not feed her at all.

Have you ever tried to feed her green beans for treats instead of doggy biscuits or other more fatty people food. I know abundantly of dogs that have had very successful diets on the only-green-beans-for-treats diet. Other than that lately feed her regular dog food. You can make her dog food more appetizing by soaking it in chicken broth and adding up in low-fat, unflavored yogurt. I use treats to train my dogs all the time and they are not one bit fat- and this is why.
no she doesn't she is pretty
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