Does your dog sleep near you?

We don't allow our dog upstairs because that's the cats' territory. But I worry about her getting lonely at hours of darkness, so I often sleep on the couch with her. Am I the simply one?
Haha, aw that's cute.
I markedly know you what you mean.. my boyfriend doesn't allow my Pomeranian upstairs neither because he's allergic & he hates my dog lol..
I do the same piece.. I get so worried because I know she hates being alone, and she whine at the bottom of stairs (We put a baby gate up)
So I sleep on our pull out sofa with her.

I consent to my 55lb Bull/staff mix sleep with me she started after i got rid of her crate- she rarely sleeps the full night without stealing the blankets pillow or whole bed, few girlfriends within the past were bugged by it.when i had cts they would ll sleep on the bed or sofa, but she is my li l girl so she wants to be close. So what i am saying if you enjoy a real close bond with your dog they will be lonely, if they own never slept in bed with you it will be ok. dogs need discipline as okay as companionship.
My dog is with me everywhere. let her sleep at the foot of the bed on a pillow bed few nights a week but lone sleep not to hang out. so the cat keeps their area.
Not at all. I regularly sleep on the couch with my dog too (he's a Shiloh and we often interlace for space). He's so cuddly... and I don't want him to be lonely. He used to cry at night time, so I came down and pet him until he fell asleep. So did I... lol.
i actually consent to my dog sleep on my bed upstairs. i have 2 cats and 2 cats, one of the dogs is 1 year so he kind of pisses the cats off but otherwise at hand is no cat territory or dog territory, they just carry along and share and 3 of these animals are boys so i think u should try to teach your animals to get along but this my be a factor, my cats are indoor and outdoor
No ur not the only one!! my dog sleeps with me.he doesnt resembling being he hops in the bed with me lol
i let my dog sleep with me sometimes . but when iam not at domestic she will sit on the couch by the livingroom window and just linger for me to come home if i dont show up she will either sleep by the windowpane or go to my room and jump onto the chair and drop onto my bed and go under the blanket and sleep . she is very smart girl.
They sleep within our room, and usually on our bed with us.

We have adjectives of our cat's "stuff" in the spare room and there is a baby total admission money so the dogs can't eat her food or poop out of the litter box. Technically both of our dogs can jump a baby total admission money (they're large breeds), but they know that that's the cat's territory, and not to even try it. Works like a charm, and will enjoy you sleeping back in your bed in no time.

We also put a kitty windowseat contained by that room...the cat loves it in there.
No you are not:D i let my dogs sleep with me adjectives the time. its like a bonding moment for us, like a way to catch closer and be warm :D. i love that you think of your dog and they do get lonely and depressed resembling not loved if you dont spend time with her. this is so cute!
I let my dog sleep in my bed beside me!
Both our dogs sleep with us and it's funny how they've worked out which one sleeps where on earth. Sometimes when hubby's on nightshift the youngest one will sleep on his side of the bed with her head on his pillow.very spoilt!
It's lovely have them sleep with us and a great feeling of security.
Our shih-tzu, Mike Honcho, have slept with us since he was 5 weeks old. If I pause up on the couch, I take him with me, and after his little sister, Carly Bobby, sleeps with us too! He stays on my feet and she snuggles up under my chin. The other dogs adjectives sleep in other rooms - Chicklet the chihuahua in the bathroom, Honey and Batman and their 4 puppies in the laundry room, and the other three big dogs sleep surrounded by the yard.
Well, the couch is my bed, and my dog sleeps on it with me everyday.

But he's going to draw from too big lol.
we sleep with 2 dogs and 2 cats lol,my husband usually ends up on the sofa.
Since I'm single and I have recently moved surrounded by with a friend that has 4 dogs my dog definitely sleeps near me on my bed. He loves to snuggle with his mommy!
Yeah, she sleeps at the terminate of my bed.
Two of my dogs sleep with me, :-)
Answers:    When you say the upstairs is the cats territory, do you mean your dog can't budge up there because of the cats food and litter box? If that's the case, put that stuff behind a kid gate in one room. The cat will jump over it to receive in, but the dog can't.

Instead of you sleeping on the couch, (that can't make for apt relations with your significant other), let your dog next come up and sleep with you. As for your dog getting lonely at night.sure, it will want to be near the humans she loves, but she would get used to it.
However, as I said, I would put the cat stuff behind a baby total admission money, and let the dog up with you at night. If the cat doesn't similar to it, then it can go downstairs. (They are so darn independent at times anyway, lol). But, contained by time, the cat and dog would get used to each other and peace would reign all around.

Good luck, and various happy and healthy years with your furbabies.
In her crate right beside my bed, does that count?
Dogs are pack animals, they similar to being with the reat of their family. So, yes, she may be lonely. My dog sleeps contained by my bedroom, but only on my bed on Sunday mornings. Why? He's 117 lbs! LOL
she used to but she cant anymore cuz my parents wont let her!
My dogs and cats sleep upstairs on the bed, dogs are pack animals and should be with the pack
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