Does your vet charge for this?

Lets say your dog has just gotten fixed and you own to take he/she back to the vet to get the stitches removed. Does your vet charge for a call on?

Do they charge if you have t come back within for anything for a check up like if they need a cold compress change,stitches out,etc.?
No, they should not charge for post op visits.
You may be charged for the organization visit.
If the stitches are coming out on their own you may not even have to go vertebrae in. Most clinics use natural materials that dissolve and unless you suspect an infection it will fall rotten on its own and there is no need to go hindmost. Most dogs lick the stitches and this helps to clean it and dissolve the thread.
Call your vet and ask if you entail to come in.
No, my vet doesn't charge for that.

If I had taken my dog in for an appointment and the dog needed rechecked for some reason, I would bring charged, but it's a minimal amount. ($10 for a followup visit, virtually nothing.)
I don't know about stitches. But I just went to the vet Tuesday and my cat be SO mad the vet couldn't properly examine him. BUT she did everything she possibly could including answering 1,000,000 questions spending at least 30 min near us. No Charge. My thought is every vet is different. Call ahead and ask.
Of course not.
I DIY anyway;that's nothing to haul an animal for.
Stitch removal after a routine surgery - such as a spay - would most likely be included contained by the price you were quoted for the operation. If this is a little more complicated, such as a visit following an injury, you will most credible be charged,
My old vet charged for EVERYTHING. One reason why I do not have a vet right immediately. PLUS I cannot trust that vet.

Can't WAIT until I find a good, low cost, vet I can trust!
No any follow up after a surgery is not an extra charge at my vet. If another problem presents or there are complications that is a separate issue and near would be a charge
Answers:    Nope. It comes with the territory of the procedure.
No for the stitches, yes for a thorough checkup.
I work for a vet. We don't charge for a suture removal unless there is swelling or discharge at the incision site. For those we just charge for the cost of any medication sent home with the pet. Bandage changes are charged for but mostly it's the cost of supplies used. If the pet have to be sedated for a bandage change, we charge for that. Most times rechecks are not charged for as long as they are within a modest amount of time (one week) from the procedure. More intensive rechecks are charged for. Keep in mind that your vet has team to paid, products/equipment to purchase, a building to pay for, utilities, and other things that cost some money. This means that they obligation to charge adequately for their services in order to supply them.
Our vets here contained by our area charge for anything! Even just to ask if my dog be ok.
No, I've never gone to a vet who charges for removal of stitches for anything. And I've only been to 1 vet who charged me to change a plaster after stitching a paw after surgery - I changed vet's after that.
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