Dog gobble up his food to the point of choking; any suggestions to back him drink more steadily surrounded by a slow deportment?

A little history: we adopted a Golden Retriever mix a few months ago. He's very calm and mellow, apart from when it comes to his food. He shows no aggression to me if I take his food away, but he eat as fast as he can when it's put down for him, and has choked from eating too in haste. He was a stray, so I'm sure at some point he struggled to find food at some point, and that's probably what let to his food passion.

We'd really like for him just to enjoy his food, bear some breaths in between bites, and slow down! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Well if he is protective over his food you shouldn't try this but if he isn't this might help.
Take his food and appropriate maybe a little less than a dog's mouthfull and put it surrounded by your hand, and hand feed it to him!

Hope I help!

If you feed a prey model diet (raw WHOLE small animal carcass and large animal organs and bones) your dog will have to eat slowly. There is no channel a dog can eat an entire rabbit carcass quickly, it makes them slow down.

If you don't resembling that idea, you can always buy a bowl made for dogs with this problem, it have bumps in it that the dog has to eat around.
Sometimes whether you put a tennis ball or two in the food bowl it slows the dogs eating so hastily down. The dog has to push the ball around to get to the food.
I hold to use a "Brake-Fast" bowl with one of my females. She gobbles her food otherwise. We tried tennis balls and a vegetable can surrounded by the bowl, but she just moved them out of the bowl.
The brake-fast bowl has 3 cones in the bowl that cannot be taken out so they enjoy to eat around them.

Takes her alot longer to eat.
Feeding him small handfuls may be worthwhile. If you can find a bowl that doesn't allow for him to 'inhale' his food I would try it. I know of the tennis orb technique, but I also know of dogs who have swallowed the tennis ball so I would avoid this method with your golden. This is in the main a behavior issue that should resolve by forcing him to have smaller amounts and not the whole meal at once.
okay, what you should try is to put a little food down in it's bowl, and then when he's finished, put for a while more food down. you don't want him to choke, so make sure you try this, maybe also try going to and query something like what your problem seems to be. hopefully you find some more good answers!
Answers:    Try placing a large rock within his bowl with the food. It must be large and heavy satisfactory for him not to be able to pick up with his mouth.
This does slow the eating process down as the dog have to eat more slowly. This is often used for dogs who are prone to bloat through eating too like greased lightning.

One of my Golden females is a very fast eater and I did this when I fed her and it have slowed her eating down quite a bit.
Look in a pet store for a bowl that is designed to slow down the drinking, it has shapes in the bowl so the dog has to brand of look for the food.
You should pick the bowl up when you are putting the food in it. Then, slowly lower the bowl. If the dog lunges for it pick it adjectives the way up, and then start to lower it again. Also, don't put all the food contained by at once. You should try feeding your dog once at morning and once at night. This will show the dog that it will get more food after that.
Give him less portions when he wants to eat. Like enjoy no food in the bowl and then when he comes to eat put rather food in then when he finishes that put more in and so on.
Instead of spending money on buying a special bowl, put surrounded by a couple of tennis balls to help slow down his gobbling. Or you can nurture him piece by piece (or a few pieces) at a time from your hand.
A number of folks I know really like the Everlasting Fun Ball both as a toy and a feeding tool. You can put either a couple of treats surrounded by it for fun or you can put all of their dinner in the ball. It will pilfer them awhile to get the food out and will be stimulated and entertained at the same time.

Our dog (and cat) be also strays so they've had the same problem with trying to gobble down everything contained by sight. I think it's absolutely an familiarization to being a stray ... you're not going to make it unless you can eat the fastest every time you see food! Both our pets hold gotten over it with time.
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