Dogs eyes luminosity greeen? whyy?

so sometimes i like to freeze in front of my little shih tzu/ coton tu lear puppy and he barks at me and im standing nearby doing nothing and he hides his face below his paws lays on his back he starts being cute but after today when i did it his eyes glow green. it seems resembling every time he's mad it glows green like one other time he be biting me like crazy just nipping but he be running around the house going crazy (this is usual him and his craziness LoL) he's not like a wild mean dog or anything but why do his eyes daylight green occassionally?
Green? not sure, but I know that adjectives dogs eyes glow when light shines in in attendance eyes due to the extra layer over there eye-balls
I am not sure of the mete out but one of my chihuahuas eyes glow green as you said and 2 others where their eyes glow red. Kind of strange I know. Maybe someone can tell us why.Also I have noted that it normally happens when there is no direct light shining surrounded by their eyes. Mine do not do it if they are mad or anything, it just happen.
different lighting?
sometimes they glow green, red, or pallid it's a refraction of light all animals have that contained by different kinds of light.
It's just the way the light hits them. All domestic animals eyes sheen green. If you get the chance shine a flashlight at a wild animal, you'll catch sight of that their eyes glow yellow. I don't know why the difference but it's true !
He is possessed...
Answers:    its called the tapetal reflection; it's from the tapetal layer of his retina, on the rear part of his eye. the tapetum reflects light subsidise through the retina to increase vision in low-light conditions. the 'glow' appears because of the way pale hits the eye, depending on your angle of view. this is the same thing that cause a deer or cat's eyes to shine when your headlights are directed at them. most primates ( including humans) don't have a tapetum.

it makes for some crazy dog pictures, lol. some digital cameras have a 'pet setting' that minimizes the effect, so your pets' eyes look everyday in pictures, instead of the crazy glowing green look ;)
its the lighting. Sheeba's eyes other glowed green in like a picture cuz of the flash and when ur within a darker area and then u begin up something that has light. that light make the eyes glow. like one time i opened up the garage door (not the big one but the one that lead out to the garage) to let Sheeba in (she had damp feet) and the light from the house shone on her eyes. the "shield" on their eyes turns them green. or maybe they turn green in dark areas cuz they can see better, maybe that green glow is what makes it so that they can see better surrounded by darker place. either way one of those is right!! im certain lol ttyl
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