Feeding Squirrel Meat?

So I know this is pretty much a shot in the dark asking this here. But whatever.

I nurture my dog raw.
Anyways, a friend of mine shoots squirrels at her house, and today asked me if I looked-for one to feed my dog Cobain.
I took it home with me, but I figure I'd just check to see if anyone has any information on feed a squirrel to a dog.
I have witness my grandfather's dog kill and eat and entire out of control rabbit with no consequence.

So, has anyone fed a squirrel or enjoy any information on feeding squirrels to dogs?
My daughter's two dogs (a German Shepherd and a wolf hybrid) used to kill get through squirrels that were unfortunate or stupid ample to wander into their outdoor pen. Never seemed to hurt them.
I WOULD make certain your pet is UTD on shots, treated for fleas, and also you should check for tapeworms as these are carried by fleas and picked up whn the dog ingests a flea. That being said, usually fleas will desert an animal once it is dead.
I would be worried about what the squirrel may have eaten. They go and get into everything (worse than rabbits) and if it happened to be shot right after being poisoned I would be worried roughly speaking the dog getting poisoned. They can be like fluffy rats. I would think that it may be OK but I would be worried.
above someone said unprepared meat is never a good idea.
raw meat is BEST whether it's chicken or beef, they don't carry germs that are harmful to dogs. dog's systems are meant to digest untouched meat.

however, because squirrels are wild, i would cook and bone it first.we usually slow cook it and that tastes pretty upright.
unprocessed meat is never a good idea -especially wildlife...way too tons germs and possible worm infestation - at the very least, cook the meat first..just boil it contained by some water -you think there be no consequences in a dog eating an entire rabbit, but how do you know the dog is not infested with worms in a minute? somethings don't show up for months later when they have laid their eggs (worm life cycle varies)
Answers:    If *I* had access to squirrels I'd be thrilled!! My dogs catch and shoot and munch wild rabbits when the rabbits are stupid enough to come contained by the yard.

I worm twice a year- never really worry about bedbugs.
My Maremma kills and eats squirrels often, I hold never seen any problems from this and she is almost 3yrs.
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