First time dog giving birth??

my dog is giving birth next week, how can i know if the puppies are healthy? and what should i do after my dog give birth?? and also the puppies
You'd know this if you were a responsible breeder.
when your dog gives birth the mother will take support of everything. The mother dog will clean them and make sure they are alright. If one is not going to live the mother dog will munch through it, I know that sound grouse but that's what they do. And with the puppies, if the mother dog will tolerate you get close to them just make certain they stay warm and dry and the mother dog will take care of the rest. And generate sure the mother dog has plenty of food and water because she will lose alot of immensity from nursing her pups.
Why didn't you do this research BEFORE breeding your dog?

Please get some good books on dog breeding, and consult next to your vet. There is too much to cover here.

Omg im so sick sour people breeding DOGS and Knowing NOTHING about what to do how to breed properly or ANYTHING.
its NOT fair on the poor dog, your dog isn't a breeding electrical device she should be a pet. you should leave breeding too dog breeders who know everything about dogs and their breed and know exactly what to do previously breeding / and don't have to post their questions on petsask.coms for a start. for the pups sake id appropriate them to a VET obviously what did you think you was gonna do check yourself? vet are here for this reason too. and you shouldn't do alot after birth expect.keep her warm im pretty certain she would rather be left alone, just cause sure she eats properly after birth.stupid character.
Answers:    My dog had pups three times. It takes a while for her to give birth. About an hour or two whether she is a bigger dog. She will lick the bags on the pups off and eat them. That is a appropriate sign. That helps her milk for them. Feel her tummy before the pups are born , when she is starting to give you a in low spirits face like she is in dull pain. That means she is having contraction. If they are kicking that is a suitable sign. While she is giving birth before each one she has a fluid come out of her butt. That is the water breaking for each one. If she can't really stand up well a afternoon after the birth, and she doesn't want to stand up but she can still walk kind of, that is a impossible sign. You need to have her see a vet. But take the pups too. She will not part of the pack with her babies that well. If one of her babies came out foot first you need to have that pup see a vet fast. One of my dogs pups have that happen. We didn't see a vet. So we did our best to keep it alive. It died the next morning. If a pup dies produce shure you let the momma lick it and care for it for at least a partly an hour. Do not just take it out. Or bury it in the backyard any. She might sniff it out when she is going potty and run to it and dig it up. She will try to get it even on a chain that you would hook her up to. Well not a tie up but a string thing. I can't explain it right now. Whatever you do, DO NOT let the dad (male) or any other dog around the pups and mama. She will get hold of protective of her pups. Very protective of her pups. Even aggresive. Hope this helps.
You don't enjoy a clue about breeding and should have got your dog spayed.

You are contributing to the huge glut of dogs surrounded by shelters being killed because there isn't ample homes for them ... yet you bring in another litter.

Stop being a backyard breeder and procure your dog spayed for God's sake.
Well, you won't know till you see how they progress.
After the puppies are weaned get the mother spayed. That's what you should do after the birth.
The puppies? surrender them to a rescue group when they are weaned. That way you know they will go to worthy homes.

If the mother is having trouble during the whelping, call the vet in.
Are you psychic? Or can you address to dogs?
tell your dog congratulations, i am also expecting puppies too, but i dont know when, i dont know who the father is, and im not psychic
Have a vet come see them within 72 hours of birth, less if possible. Allow the dog to chomp through the placenta (on her own), it helps stimulate milk producing process. After that, get some gloves and a plastic bag.
Have you had the MOTHER examined by a veterinarian yet? If not, start there -- BEFORE she give birth!
let the dog do her thing stay with her though so you can oblige if needed, get plenty of towels/sheet for the mess and put her in a round up or cardboard box ( my dog had pups last week and when i put the cage up she get Straight in it!) she will pant and shake alot in labour and the sac will suspend out of her. she will clean the pups up and eat everything ,then check them trade name sure there alive and breathing you mite have to rub them to attain them going and wen theyre ok just check them to make sureverythinggs there knowno tail and such (i had a pup with no tail and no bum gap we had it put down) just keep an eye contained by them make sure mamas feeding them adjectives if not you will have to do it get special puppy milk from the pet shop. and whether theres a really small one (the runt of the litter) keep a real close eye on it cus the other pups will get to the milk first and it might not survive.
Do what Somewhat Informed said...then find her fixed!
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