Golden Retriever or German Shepard?

I am Thinking of buying one of them which one would be better??

A Golden Retriever..Or a German Shepard
Which one sheds more also hwich one is more active thanks!!
Shep*HERD*-herds sheep!

Both shed TONS.
Both need training.
No such thing as 'perfect" right out of the box from the factory.
they both shed a lot.
both dogs are smart but german shepherds are one of the smartest breeds. they are also both working dogs - you see shepherds in police enforcement and golden retrievers as seeing eye/disability dogs.
german shepherds are more protective of you, your home and home. golden retrievers are great dogs for kids.
both are active, although retrievers tend to put on weight and slow down around 4 or so. a 2nd dog or taking your dog on walks/runs will keep them stirring - so activity level is pretty much up to you.
Both are wonderful dogs. Very loyal, very smart and both quite active. They both shed comparatively a bit. But, personally, I'd say a Golden Retriever because I have one. He's a year outmoded and the coolest, sweetest dog ever. Good luck with whichever one you choose.
both are active dogs- goldens are more content just to be next to you while GSDs need a job to do. They both need lots of socialization and GSDs particularly need obedience training. Both need plenty of exercise and will shed pretty a bit. It depends on your lifestyle which one you want. Good luck.
Answers:    I hope this helps you wish with more clearity on which breed is right for you!

Golden's are a sporting dog meaning they were bred to be a hunters companion surrounded by the field while the hunter shot down his game birds. The golden would then be sent to Retriever the birds. They be so named Golden for their coloring and retriever for the job they performed.
Golden's be also bred to be the hunter's companion not only in the field but at domestic too with the family.
Their sweet nature and magnificent look & intelligence has made them one the most sought after breeds now for a family and it's an excellent choice too. In my feelings. :)
If the Golden's was properly bred then you will have a wonderful unusual addition to your family.
Golden are easily trained as pups but do obligation obedience training to ensure you don't have a bored and distructive dog.
Golden's do need a equal amout of excersise too. Golden's are a mouthy breed meaning they love to carry things in their mouths. This is part of the pack of their nature. They need to taught what is and what isnt approiate to chew on and to be skilled that nipping and mouthing of our hands and feet is irrelevant. This is where puppy obedience plays a very big role.
If you ever consider a Golden for your ancestral it is very wise to look for a very reputable breeder who does adjectives the right health testing on both the dam and the sire. Test include OFA hips & elbows, heart screening, thyroid screening, & eyes. A breeder who does temperment conducting tests on their pups to help you when choosing exactly the right pup for your family.
A breeder who does adjectives this and probably even more will bring the cost of a well bred pup up but in the long run will be very much worth the additional money spent in future vet bills.

Golden do go through a 2 sheds a year when an full-grown. One in the spring and again in the fall. whether your very good about brushing the dog next these can even be handled quite easily. Good nutrician play a big role surrounded by the amount of shedding you will see with this breed!
Golden excell in swimming, as a hunting dog, Therapy dog, also as a service dog, agility dog, or just to be your best friend.

Golden come within various shades of Goldens from a very dark Golden coloring to a amazingly light coloring.
The Golden is my avatar is considered a Med.Colored Golden. I also own 2 other Golden who are much lighter in coloring than my boy in the Avatar. It's adjectives a matter of personal preferance.
I have owned/showed/bred (now retired) and loved these dogs for over 30 years now. I find them deeply intelligent, eagar to please, loyal to their owner and family, and as for compaionship well they in my opion are the best.

Male golden will be between 75 and 85 pound when an mature,
Females a bit smaller at 65 to 75 pounds.

If you have any other questions I'll be happy to reply them for you!
Both of these dogs are really great choices, but they will shed a pious amount, expecially if you get longhaired versions of them. I recommend a Yellow Lab, which is normally a shorthair and sheds relatively little compared to goldens and shepherds.
The question isn't "what's better" it's what's better for you! They're different dogs with traditionally different strengths and weaknesses. They're both influential, and they both shed like you couldn't imagine.

Read about the breeds yourself, and find which one suits YOU best.
They're both wonderful dogs. They're both very active. The Golden Retriever sheds more because it have longer hair. Purebred German Shepherds sometimes are very nervous and bouncy. Goldens are more laid back, fun-loving.
Hmmmm. Love them both. But here are some things you want to consider. If you have kids at domestic and don't have alot of time for exercising the dog then get a gr. Bec gr are extremely good with kids and love the company of them. Gsd's are good beside kids too but not like gr. Gsd's are great working dogs and need a lot of excersise. They both involve training. And both shed a lot too. Both are long haired dogs. But i think if you want a awfully very faithful companion, get a gsd. To me instinctively, i think gsd's are very loyal. But both are great dogs. Choose wisely. If you are a first time dog owner, acquire a gr. Bec gsd can be really naughty. Good luck.
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