Help could my dog be pregnant! Serious answers please?

I have a 10 month old Bernese mountain dog and she has be in season for about 16 days, and my aunt brought over her 6 month old cockapoo and I found him humping my dog and I split them apart right absent. I'm not sure how long they were doing this and I was wondering whether she could be pregnant. And please no mean answers telling how irresponsible I am or whatever because I have a feeling really bad and I didn't know my aunt was such an idiot and would leave the two dogs alone together, or even bring her dog over surrounded by the first place. Thanks
Well, how big are the dogs? Would it have been feasible for the manly to reach that high (I'm assuming he's a small dog and she's bigger)? Either way, I would pocket her to the vet to have her checked out. And if she is, you can abort the babies and have her fixed at indistinguishable time.
Did the two tie? If you were competent to just seperate them then they may not have tied. Still a vet. would know how to tell you for sure. The size difference does sound similar to it wouldn't have happened. But you can never be too sure. When they tie they are together and can't no be seperated in need causing pain to the female, due to the inlarging of the penis when the manly penetrates. good luck with everything and hopefully they didn't tie.
If all he did be hump you shouldn't have a pregnant dog, they have to tie up for her to become pregnant. The tie can last for 20-45 minutes or longer. The tie is he would in actual fact be physically stuck inside her for the amount of time, you couldn't have missed it if they weren't together for hours.
yes, your dog could be pregnant. The best way to resolve this is to take her and get her fixed ASAP! You've already allowed her masticular cancer rates to increase by allowing her first warmness. Let her have pups this young and you'll stunt her growth as well as tripling those rates.

As for tying up, she's a generous breed dog and he isn't. His knot is most likely not large satisfactory to cause a tie up, yet he could still get her pregnant! Also, dogs tend to ejaculate throughout the process, so they don't own to "finish" to accomplish the deed.
d a n i e l l e, I haven't had any problems next to my bernese mountain dog.
When mating, a dog will tie next to another dog, and they will be stuck together. As in, noticable, you can't miss it. For about 15-45 minutes. Yes, you should spay your dog, she is waaay to young to hold pups, if she is pregnant, she could die due to trauma. There are sooo many risks... You need to procure the dog spayed... ASAP! And ask your aunt to fix her mongrel too!
i'd say near probably is a good chance that your dog is now pregnant. i'm not certain what age dogs can start producing sperm but if he was mounting her...there's a good arbitrariness.

the problem here is that your dog is too young to have puppies and i know i will get thumbs down from family for suggesting this but you may want to consider aborting the pregnancy b/c there might be complications and you might in a worst grip scenario lose your dog.

You should take her to the vet and find out. If she is pregnant then she is a pregnant dog and going to be a momma! If she is not you should get her spayed. Also after she have puppies you should get her spayed.
Answers:    They actua;Ly have to tie whivh means penetration of the womanly so just humping does not mean she will conceive so calm down and generate sure next time your female is surrounded by season do not let a male near her for at lowest possible 24 days although it is rare that conception will occur at this stage
i would hold her checked out right away! and if she is get her within a nice place to settle down and get ready to deliver her puppies!

-good luck
The only way for dogs to attain pregnant is for a male to tie ( hook ) get attached ect. to the female, So whether he and her were not stuck, Don't worry! She's not pregnant.

Thank goodness besides cause she is WAY to young to get pregnant.
thats gross
i sorry
take her to the vet??
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