Help! my dog get asphalt on her paw?

my dog was just on a walk and we live surrounded by new york. she stepped on some tar that a buncha retarded construction workers layed out lacking marking off it was in that. inbetween her paws are theres tar and its not coming off and be washing her off and its bleeding. any tips ? please help.
you should use a petroleum based solvent to dissolve the tarmacadam. Perhaps WD 40. Remember basic chemistery... "like dissolves like". Good luck with your friend.
Never dealt specifically with tarmacadam, but have dealt with super-glue. Use scissors to cut process the matted hair, but as far as it being on her skin you may have to a moment ago wait and let it wear off/slough with the comatose skin. You dont want to scrub the skin off her pads.
I'd right to be heard go to the vet.
That sounds pretty bad.
I hope she gets better!

Go to the vet as in haste as you can ! It could get stuck there! Just keep here paw in a wet washcloth, and drive her to the vet.
Take her to the Vet so he can pinch it off since it bleeding it could get infected
Baby grease, cooking oil, or peanut butter should get the tar past its sell-by date. You may want to have a vet look at her paws if they're bleeding.
Use mineral oil. It wont wound ur pet and it helps break down the tar so you can get it rotten. it will still take time so patience will help also.
ANY oil will do!
Rub within & wipe off w/a paper towel-repeat until all dissolved.

STOP "scrubbing" it!
Answers:    "Hot pavement, sticky pitch or gravel may cause footpad problems. To remove tar from footpads, rub them with petroleum jelly and next gently wash with gentle soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Never use kerosene or turpentine to remove tar. These chemicals irritate the skin and can be toxic to your pet."

Below is a link to the website I found by doing a google survey for an answer to your question. -!-
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