Help! My dog is sick?

ok so i have a dog she is about 70 pounds... i really dont know what race she is but she is brown n markedly furry. My new pitbull bit her on her leg and i noticed yesterday it was pretty discouraging it still bleeds once in a while and oozes pus ive been cleaning it near peroxide and neosporine ive wrapped it but she keeps taking it ioff she keeps geting worse though i also gave her aspirine. The article is i dont have money or not alot and i need to find a low cost or free vet were can i shift?
you could go to any vet and see if you could get a
cone item for your dog,
that would be low cost
Asprin will thin the blood and it wont clot to make a scab. you need to appropriate the dog to the vets if there is pus consequently there is an infection. Your dog needs to be on an antibiotic. If you dont have the money find a vet you can sign your dog over to so your dog can attain the treatment it deserves. If you dont get this treated the infection can spread into the dogs blood stream and your dog can and probably will eventually die!
You inevitability to get this dog to the vet RIGHT AWAY, and speak to them about a payment plan, or finding it a unusual home that can pay the bills.

DO NOT give her any more aspirine or anything else but food - she wants antibiotics from the vet - now.

She really needs a home that can afford to steal care of her - but speak to the vet first about getting her well, and after ask for help finding her a new place. I hate to see her using up any money that you inevitability for groceries.

Please take her to the vet in the morning- Here are some places to ask for grants to abet get her better:
The Mosby Foundation:
Our Mission Statement: The Mosby Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, to assist in the care of sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs through financial support and public rearing.
It's really very simple. A rescue group, foster person, shelter or vet has a dog that requires medical prudence and there aren't sufficient funds for that treatment. The Mosby Foundation is contacted by a licensed veterinarian with case details. Our Board decide whether we can help, and if so, how.
American Animal Hospital Association The heartbreak happens adjectives too often. A pet owner is unable to afford treatment and their sick or injured companion animal pays the price. If the owner is elderly, disabled or on a fixed income, the cost of care may be too much of a stretch for their pocketbook. Perhaps they enjoy been victimized by crime, property loss or a job layoff and are experiencing a temporary financial hard times making it too difficult to afford pet care. And some animals, brought to clinics by Good Samaritans, don't have an owner to pay for treatment. Whatever the situation, the certainty remains the same: When sick or injured animals are unable to receive veterinary keeping, they suffer. Through the AAHA Helping Pets Fund, veterinary care is possible for sick or injured pets even if they have be abandoned or if their owner is experiencing financial hardship."
Angels 4 Animals "Angels4Animals, a non-profit bureau and a program of Inner Voice Community Services, has a mission to serve as the guardian angel of animals whose caretakers find themselves in difficult financial situations. At Angels4Animals we believe that animal owners should not enjoy to say goodbye to the animals that they love. Our work is accomplished in conjunction beside veterinary clinics across the country, eager to assist as many animals, and their owners, as possible. Our services range from financial aid to total treatment to those pets and pet owners in need."
Care Credit A credit card company for health thoroughness, including veterinary care. "CareCredit, the leader in patient/client financing, have helped more than 3 million patients/clients get the treatment or procedures they needed and wanted. With a comprehensive inventory of plan options, for treatment or procedure fees from $1 to over $25,000, we offer a plan and a low monthly payment to fit comfortably into nearly every budget."
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (FVEAP) "The NEED & The HELP: Seniors, People with disabilities, People who have lost their job, Good Samaritans who rescue a cat or kitten - any of these folks may call for financial assistance to save a beloved companion." The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to liberate their companions when life-threatening illness or injury strikes.
Help-A-Pet "Our efforts focus on serving the elderly, the disabled, and the working poor. For lonely seniors, physically/mentally challenged individuals and children of working parents, pets represent much more than a diversion."
IMOM "Mission Statement: Helping race help pets. To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals. We are dedicated to insure that no companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker is financially challenge."
The Pet Fund "The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit association that provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care. Often animals are put down or suffer needlessly because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or emergency vet visit. Companion animal owners must often make the difficult decision to put an animal down or discount urgent medical needs because of the costs involved. The purpose of the Pet Fund is to work towards a future where decision about companion animal medical care need never be made on the cause of cost."
United Animal Nations "The mission of LifeLine is to help homeless or recently rescued animals suffering
Don't give any other medications in need a vets approval, especially Ibuprofen as it can cause kidney and liver dud. Contact the ASPCA or other humane society in your area and inquire about low cost clinics. There may be such a clinic down in the phone book. Also contact rescue organization. They may be able to insist on you on where to go. Call around to vet who accept grant arrangements. Your dog needs antibiotics. Best wishes.
Answers:    Since your dog keeps taking off the wrap you could spread vicks vapor rub on the wrap and the smell will keep your dog absent from it. Well hopefully, ive had one dog that would lick the rub off because it liked the appetite i guess..haha.
but make sure you also let the bite nouns out and to do that you can put the peroxide and neosporin on it and so that the dog doesnt constantly lick it put the vicks about 1 inch AWAY from the cut. You can call a local vet and explain your situation, some vets will be feeling like to cut their prices for some situations or they could reccomend cheaper places.
Good Luck!
Check out the yellow pages and call around/ask around. There is zilch wrong with asking for prices upfront. We have a local animal hospital around us that is considerably cheaper than some private Veterinarian's. I would propose doing it now though, especially since she is in such fruitless shape. Best of luck.
your dog developed abscess

check website for Dog Abscess and the treatment.

The dog absolutely cannot lick the pus or the wound!
will have minor infection if do.

my dog had abscess after puncture wound and the doc squeezed out hell lot of puss and blood. It takes 3 weeks + to restore to health

You definitelly need to go vet!
please bring her there. the Abscess treatment is extremely cheap because it is basic.

It need antibiotics and proper sterilizing liquid.
or it might become tooooo serious until your dog's leg is surrounded by question.
Vet prices are to high, i know. But your dog probably has a really bad infection ( i presume because its leak pus) Maybe just look up a few local vets, and compare prices. You really should get her checked out though, limb can be lost by infections...
The god needs to have the wound cleaned and treated by a vet. There should be oral antibiotics given.
You are a foolish girl.

Your dog needs to see a vet.

Stop playing doctor.

By the way...aspirin act as an anticoagulant.
Contact the Human Society in your area for location of a low cost vet. It means within is a serious infection if there is pus oosing from the wound. Also, dogs do not come ins "races", there are breeds of dogs. I would also take rid of the pit bull.
Well you have to dance to the vet even if you can't afford it its either that or the dog gets really sick
If you don't have any money, how can you afford proper dog care, approaching vet bills? I highly doubt there is a free vet anywhere, unless it's somebody who says they're a vet. You entail to take your dog to a vet.the bite wound isn't going to get better on it's own. It needs a vet, approaching yesterday. If you don't have any money, you shouldn't have dogs. You need to enjoy at least some money to take care of any dog. They call for need a good diet, and you need to pinch them to the vets for a check up at least every year.or if they gain injured.
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