HELP puppy kill a chicken?

Ok i know i know. Once they do it they will never stop. but she is only 4 months old. did she do it perhaps surrounded by a puppy accident? and now knows she can? i know as a fruit farm person that i should get rid of the pup now. i could prolly present her back to the person i bought her from but in my intellect that is a fate worse than death. her pups are never played near unless bought early. they live in an outside pen and even from my house i can hear them combat. Sapphire is used to the family life now. living inside. is nearby ANY way i can stop this? please don't be mean. like i said. i live on a tend and know the rules but before i get rid of her i would love to hear any ideas that may support. please help. the kids and i love her allot.
she is a neo mastiff by the way and about 4 months outdated.
You're going to punish the dog for doing what naturally comes to them? That make no sense, dogs are predators, chickens are prey, plain and simple.

Keep the chickens in a pen, if you let the chickens out put the dog absent until they are back in. That's the easiest solution to your problem.
She is a puppy. What do you expect. I doubt the attack was intentional. She probably was only playing with the chicken and got too rough and hurt the chicken somehow and it died.

If you don't want your dog near the chickens take home a fenced in yard for the dog so that the dog cannot get practical the chickens.
Also make a place where only the chickens can turn so they don't get hurt.
Well what I would do is keep the chickens in a pen and whether you are really that concerned that she might do it again, keep her away from them. If this isn't an option, when she is around the chickens and looks approaching she wants to play with him, chase them ect simply give a loud "No!". You own to understand that this kind of behavior is natural to a dog. It's their instincts and your puppy should not be punished. I would not newly get rid of her because of this incident; and definitely wouldn't send her subsidise to her old home, that sounds horrible.
No you shouldnt get rid of her just because of that, its a dog this is what they do.But they can be trained..let her know that the chickens is subdivision of the family and not a meal, it will take some time to capture her socialized to them but she'll start to understand that they are off limits and will set off them alone
hahah a neo mastiff on a that is going to transport some doing..well I am a farm person and I can transmit you whenever a pup kills a chicken it gets beat near the dead chicken and then you put pup in pen near mean rooster, he will scare the pup and then he will stay absent from them if he sees them as a source of pain right luck
A puppy should not own access to chickens to kill them. The failure was beside your confinement and supervision, not the puppy. She can be trained to keep away from the chickens, or you can keep her surrounded by a properly fenced yard away from the chickens.
TRAIN YOUR DOG to leave the chickens alone - strange that the dog also ate the chicken?
actually, neo mastiff breeds are raw hunters. keep her away from the chickens by building a fence or something. she shouldn't enjoy the right to kill a chicken. but it really isn't her fault. so keep her absent from the chickens.
Answers:    Mastiffs are harder headed than my German Shepherds, so smacking them with the dead chicken , and showing it to them, and growling at them NEVER EVER EVER touch another chicken, they are MINE... probably won't work. My German Shepherds would look absent, and not "see " the chickens even if they came into their kennels and ate their dog food.

You may have to acquire a good strong electronic collar, with a remote control, (buy a good one, not the cheapest) and dial it up until she won't even look at a chicken. Let her loose, agree to her get within a couple of inches of the chicken, then ZAP.

Good piece about electronic remote training collars is, the dogs think the chickens are electric.they don't blame you. So they don't kill them when you're not looking.

For the population who are going to yell about this, relax. Try them on your own neck or arm. The corrections aren't that sensitive. They are short and a snap, like putting a rubberband on your wrist to teach yourself to stop snacking or stop smoking or stop cussing.

It's much better than the fate of a poor chicken torn apart alive by puppy play, or dog prey. Or better than a dog man put down as a livestock killer.

Keep her away from the fish farm animals is the best advice I can give. Set aside a seperate area newly for the pup, fence it off this way it doesn't evolve again.
is the puppy a retrever?
shes just a baby. puppies procure into all sorts of trouble. so she killed a chicken, she was probably trying to play next to it and got carried away.
you will just have to take precautions to hold on to her away from your livestock. Use a leash or fence, and dont leave her external unattended.

There's no reason to get rid of her.. most dogs will kill livestock, expecially small prey animals resembling chickens. It will just be extra work on your part to protect your other animals.
This is normal for a dog. They are natural hunters!! Keep her away from the chickens.
High prey drive dogs will kill chickens. She without a doubt has high prey drive. Chickens are prey and dogs are predators and no amount of training can change that. It's intuition. No training can guarantee she won't do it again. In fact she probably will if given the chance. Doesn't product her a bad dog, it makes her a normal one.

You any need to find a way to keep her separated from chickens or find a topical home for her. Chickens kept in an enclosure are out of manage of dogs.
Most dogs own varying levels of prey drives, so the incident is probably a natural, though distressing, event. I wouldn't immediately chalk it up to Sapphire self a "bad" dog. Plus, she is just a baby who is not aware of her own strength yet - a chicken probably looks approaching a fun toy.

If you haven't already, take her to a professional trainer who has experience with mastiffs. You nouns like a responsible pet owner, so you probably know that it is absolutely imperative to catch a big dog trained very well before she reach her adult size.

For now, don't allow Sapphire and the kids to play unsupervised, and keep her absent from the chickens. Once you have a firm handle on her in common, start asking your trainer how to deal with the specific chicken issue.

Good luck :)
I dunno know why you're freaked about this.
Simply ensure that it never happens again.
CONFINE the chickens.
CONFINE the dog.

& break it to livestock...ALL livestock.
We have had the same problems within the past with our labrador retrievers but after a lot of strong work- our dogs leave chickens alone. The very best way to prevent nearly 100% of agitating dog habits is to monitor them. Just like you wouldn't leave a four month feeble baby in a crib with your fine china, you don't want to distribute your pup a chance to get to the chickens. Would the baby want to break the plates? No, probability are good they were just moving or playing. We figure out that our puppies were simply trying to play with the chickens and didn't realize that playing too rough will kill them. Granted- I don't know how your mastiff plays, but probability are good he's not an aggressive chicken destroying dog. Dogs have many differences from breed to sexual characteristics, etc but one thing that is fairly true of adjectives dogs is that they want to please their masters.

So watch your dog- and be sure to use an unhappy tone when you him no. You shouldn't be cruel- in recent times not "sweet and sappy" either.

Good luck!
She can be trained not to do this, but it *will* take time.

You'll have to monitor her movements around chickens--whenever she have good behavior, reward. If you must use treats & praise to get through to her, do so, but eventually wean her down to in recent times praise.

When she has bad/aggressive behavior around chickens, firmly say NO to her, and cut her for about a minute or so, or until she has good behavior towards them.

As a side write down, my grandfather used to swear by tying a dead chicken around the neck of the dog, but I will not support that, as I have no model if it works or not. Just thought it was interesting.
ok my neighbor has a chicken dont know why we live contained by the city but my dogs poddle and beagle love barking at it we have a fenced in courtyard but they have gotten out before and yes the beagle almost kill it my brother was able to stop him but they try all the time its resembling a squirrel they love them and our dog are under a yr and the poddle is a yr and half and they have be doing since lil yours is young just correct it when it trys to chase it or anything it is possible to train the dog approaching any trainng it will be hard but my grandmother has a huge farm my grandmother have dogs and she trained them not to chase the horses cows chicken etc. keep the dog
wow i never thought a pup is capable of that

please check
NO! Don't give absent your dog maybe it has the dog always angry around the house.If not it have to be an accident email me at ramirez.moises10(a) im a kid i know alot about dogs becuase i have a 3mon year ancient chihuahua.
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