How big are lab puppies when they are born?

My dog should have her puppies any day...I was merely wondering, so please don't start going off on me about how to take attention to detail of my dog. (I have noticed people tend to do that). !0 Points will be awarded to best or creative answer!!
Answers:    I hold a Chocolate lab and when they are born they are about the same size as a coke can. But they grow REALLY fast. We get my lab when he was four weeks old and he was already as big as my full grown Miniature weenie dog. Hes six months infirm now and he weighs 50 pounds already!
It varies near the mommy dog and daddy dog- some can be 6-8 oz or even 16-18 oz
Remember some pups will lose weight the first 24 hours, but tend to gain it back the second daytime
Expect the newborn pups to double their birth weight by 7-10 days

Good luck!
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