How can I soothe my dogs dry skin?

Hey, since it has started to get cold it seems approaching my dog's skin has gotten really dry and he scratches a lot (and no, it is not fleas, I hold checked). I was wondering if any pet owners had a tips. I hold heard about oatmeal baths but I gave him a tub a week ago and I have heard giving too many baths can also dry out his skin.

Thanks :D
Oatmeal baths, but you should just bathe a dog in the winter once every other month!! You can also try omega 3 fatty acid supplements this help skin verry much.
I give my dog a high ability skin and coat vitamin. Since we moved north last year, his skin got really dry in the winter and the vet give me several recommendations. Call your vet and see what they suggest. I also beefed up on the eggs (no saline and pepper) that I give him to 3 times a week.
daaaa have u ever group of lotion or bath it for pete sake.what did u do to ur poor dog to make it have dry skin?
Buy Hydra Pearls Spray. My vet recommended it for my dog's dry flaky skin. Don't give him a bath more than once a month. The oil don't have time to restore themselves. And you can get him a pet vitamin with vitamin E.
Try a food for skin and coat, Doesn't have to be an expensive one. Wash in babe-in-arms bath or baby shampoo. Try children'ss liquid benadryl for the itching. If you don't see an overhaul. You may need to see a vet. Could be a food or skin allergy. Good luck
Get a bowl of olive oil and dip just the tips of your fingers in and press into his skin. Also add olive oil to his diet.
Rub fish oil or another instinctive oil on your pup.
Add fish grease to his diet and this should make the skin less dry and coat shinny.
Derm Caps.
i give my dog a bath every other daytime was moisturizing shampoo.
And If I she an itchy red spot i put johnsons baby oil on it, hope this help
Answers:    One that I've hear wonderful things about is Aveeno's colloidal oatmeal bath treatment. It's meant for humans but I know closely of people that use this for their dogs during the dry winter months. I've been meaning to achieve some for my boxers. This is it:

I would just bathe him once, and see how it works out. If it soothes and moisturizes like it's supposed to, you won't enjoy to keep bathing him weekly.

Also give your dog omega-3 supplements like fish grease pills. That will really help his skin and coat. I give my dogs 3 fish oil capsule daily.
My dog had the same problem. I now include fish oil to her diet- her coat is shiny and hydrated!!
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