How can i stop my dogs have sex?

I have a i year old girl and have lately rescued a five year old boy. They have both been neuter but they still keep trying to have sex! How can I stop them? The girl keeps showing her backside end to the boy, who keeps trying to mount her!
I'd articulate just let them.
If they both cannot create puppies due to being fixed, neutered, spayed, whatever, next who cares. Are you sure they are having sex though and not only showing dominance? Believe it or not, there is a difference.
Every time the male tries to mount her tell him no and telephone him to you. .Then praise him when he comes to you.She doesn't have an UTI infection by any chance?
The female still has the scent of a dog contained by heat which attracts the male. This scent can't always be smelled by relatives. Over time, the scent will fade away and he will lose interest, as will she. You don't need to do anything at all.
Eh... i'd say it's like a human man getting a vesectomy and a woman getting her tubes tied. They still hold needs lol Otherwise ask a vet for advice. Call and ask. Getting advice from a professional once for this situation could serve you for oodles years into the future :]
lol!! just let, why are u trying to stop them besides.
if u could have sex wit no babies and no worry more or less STD, then would u want someone to stop u from doing it.
smack them.
Everytime they do, squirt them near a water bottle. They will realize that you don't like it, and they will stop.
Mounting is also a sign of dominance, whether they really have been fixed it may just be theoir method of maintaining the heirarchy.
If they're not gonna have puppies then whats the problem?

It's automatic and part of their instinct
Answers:    How would you like it someone tried to stop you from have sex? Let those things at least have some fun.. after all, they hold to eat dog food, don't get to drive a car, and enjoy no freedoms and little rights.
neuter the dogs
it 100% works
There's no way to stop it, whether they're still doing it after having been neutered. My dogs are impossible to tell apart way.
neuter them
even if they return with spayed or neutered they are still going to do stuff like that.
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