How can I stop my pug from peeing everywhere?

I have a 2 year old pug girl, When I first got here she be trained to go on diapers which where quickly stopped contained by hope she does everything outside.
But whatever I try and no matter how abundant times she gets taken for walks she still pees everywhere in the house, zilch can fall on the floor without her peeing on it and she just fitfully does it all over the house, even when she just got spinal column from a walks where she is usually obedient and does something at least twice, she still pees just shortly after she gets taken domestic again
She also goes outside by herself sometimes during the day but still she manage to pee at least 10 times a day in the house
I really don't know what to do anymore
I also other praise her and give her treats when she goes surrounded by the right places, and scream at her "BAD" when she doesn't
She also has blood in her urine, When I asked a vet give or take a few it he said that it was only from her not drinking enough dampen a day, which I thinks she does, as she always have a bowl of fresh water in front of her and she does drink quite like mad to

What can I do to get her only doing her Business outside as Is really tired of this!

I would get another Vet assessment myself , since she has blood in her urine thats not normal even next to out enough water !
take to diff vet .
well i have a puppy hes a beagle well what you trie to do is you buy some bells string them to the doore be you want hem to go, say lets travel potty and ring the bells and eventuly he'll learn how to go potty.
Answers:    First-find a different vet. Blood contained by the urine could mean any number of health issues. Urinary infection, kidney problems, or diabetes. All of which can be serious...and not because she doesn't drink enough river. And is she is peeing 10 times a day and i drinking a lot, it easily could be diabetes.
Secondly-Where she have gone to the bathroom in your house has to be cleaned thoroughly. I use Natures Miracle, but there are other enzyme cleaners out nearby. Some people use white vinegar and water (50/50 mix). That didn't work with my dogs. NM enzyme cleaner did. Dogs sense of smell is better than ours, and you enjoy to make sure you get her scent out completely, or she will cogitate it is ok to use that spot again and again, until it is scent free!

If you have ruled out any health issues, then you only have to be patient, regular and very observant. You can try to crate train her. Or you can confine her to a specific room near baby gates until she is trained. Take her out often and view for signs of having to go to the bathroom...circling, sniffing etc. To protect your floors, rugs etc, you can also buy at most pet stores little panties for her. You can get doggie diapers, but I found them too expensive. These panties are made of cloth, generally have velcro on the sides and use sanitary napkins (or half a pad) to absorb the urine. It undeniably isn't a substitute for house training, but it protects your rugs and floors.
time for a contemporary vet it sounds like she has a UT/ bladder infection.
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