:: How can I find my chihuahua to trust more? For instance..?

he will get angry & will try to bite me even when angry or scared & this is a huge problem when I take him to the vet bc he will not tolerate the vet or anyone touch him. He will not even allow me to put a muzzle on him before we go & I really need to train him so that I can seize him neutered & he needs a shot to help go and get rid of the tapeworms bc the pills the vet gave me didn't work so well. He has be to the vet many times and this was not a problem when he was a puppy, he is presently a 1 yr and a 1/2. And with strangers he is pretty agressive also, i'm afraid he will one day bite my lil newphew...Any suggestion please?
There is no "home fix" for this.

You're going to own to spend a great deal of money on a professional trainer.

It's better that, than having him bite someone, and being put to sleep.. isn't it?
socialize him. take him for walks so he can see other people and dogs. and over time it will desensitize him. but near is no quick fix that i know of to cure him of his anxiety. but for the trips to the vet you might try some aromatherapy things to calm him and allow him to get his shots, etc.. accurate luck! =D
If he wasn't like this as a puppy consequently you have allowed him to become what he is by babying him. Now he thinks he's the boss of everything and everyone.
You obligation a professional trainer and/or a behaviourist or this dog will not have a very long life span.

BTW. If he have tapeworm then he has fleas. Ask the vet for a specific tablet that does tapeworm. Many all wormers do not, they do adjectives the other worms but not tape. If you don't keep him free of fleas he will continue to capture tapeworm. My guess is the tablet the vet gave you did work but the dog has fleas and he has tapeworm again.
I taught my chihuahua not to yelp. But with all training, it takes lots of pushiness. Is he afraid of load noises? I take Hank to a dog park everyday, and he open up to other dogs and people once he got used to it. Has he always be like this? Maybe, he's been traumatized?
I've had one 14 years and he is uncontrollable within some ways.
dog training books, video, a professional trainer, and patience
Sometimes dogs have a doomed to failure experience at the Vets and get scared. My dog was terrified so I talked to my vet and she let me bring the dog there when she wasn't sick.

The staff petted her and give her treats and we left. We went back a few times and she be petted and given more treats...no medical treatment no shots just praise and treats...so then the Vet seem like a cool place to go.

Now she isn't as scared.

Talk to your vet and see whether you can visit with your dog when she is not going to get treatment. When she see that the vet can be a nice place then she won't be as scared. The staff are usually friendly and will pet her and try to take home friends.
well I`ve got 4 chihuahua and Daisy was approaching that what i did was just not letting her do it
Answers:    Try inviting one of your friends that your chihuahua hasn't seen past into the house. The friend will have a bunch of doggie treats. As soon as your dog sees the stranger, have the stranger/your friend grant him a treat.

have this happen several times throughout the week and sometimes with other population coming into the house. But just have it happen frequently plenty so that your dog will associate strangers to a good thing (the treats) instead of a bad piece.
I'm certain you have seen a "snappy" Chihuahua sometime in your enthusiasm. Many Chihuahuas grow up to have this aggressive temperament, but there are things an owner can do to help make higher a less aggresive Chihuahua. Here are the secrets to raising a smaller amount aggressive Chihuahua:

Socializing - By far the most important factor in determining how aggressive your Chihuahua will become, early socialization should be a precedence for every Chihuahua owner. By this I mean letting your Chihuahua spend time around other humans or social gatherings when they are a puppy. This can be carrying your Chihuahua around with, taking them for a stroll down the neighborhood, going to the park, pet store, or vitally anywhere with people, as long as it is a safe environment.

Early socializing should help out your Chihuahua become used to being around people, and should generally manufacture them less aggressive. However, remember all Chihuahuas are unique and will behave differently.

Love your Chihuahua - Loving your Chihuahua is another substantial factor in keeping your Chihuahua from being aggressive. Give your Chihuahua lots of affection by petting and talking soft to your Chihuahua, and be certain never to yell or physically hit your Chihuahua. If your Chihuahua does something bad, simply speak firmly "No". Being aggressive to your Chihuahua will make them reckon it is ok for them to be aggressive. However being loving and gentle to your Chihuahua will make them guess they should be the same.

Health - Chihuahuas should be given the proper exercise and taken to the Veternarian on a regular basis. Oftentimes Chihuahuas can develop physical and mental illnesses which can lead to your Chihuahua fitting aggressive.

Eating - As you probably know, many animals become very aggressive around food, and Chihuahuas can too. It's a good belief to always let your Chihuahua eat by themselves whether you have other animals in the house.

my best friend had a chihuahua for 10 years. that dog was the nastiest, meanest, grumpiest little dog I had ever met. no business what you did, it would turn on you in an instant. I sure wasnt sad the light of day that they had to put the dog to sleep (it was very sick)...I know that sounds aim, but if you met it you would understand. Always bit someone...never trust it. It will turn on anyone.
My dog is on her first spell, what should i do?   Which identify do you resembling better?   Pomeranian howling and bark at zilch contained by distinctive? ?   Is my dog within fry?She is a Chihuahua and?