How can my dog drink next to his cone?

My dog got one of those cones on his head because of an infection on his leg, but his medicine make him thirsty and he get get his head to his drinking bowl! I also own this problem with his food. He's about 75 pounds and a Golden Retriever.
Do you have the food on a tray that raises it or on the ground. When my dog have his cone we put his water tray on the ground and put it against the cupboard because it was moving and then spilling. Hope this help!
If ever my dogs have had to enjoy a cone after an operation or to stop them nibbling a sore foot I have always removed them while they guzzle and drink and then put them back on immediately they finish.

To take home sure he is getting enough water try soaking his kibble capably. Dogs who are fed solely on dry kibble tend to drink a lot more than dogs who are fed on a moist diet and they call for to do this because the dry food will take a tremendous amount of moisture from their bodies and if they do not have access to river 24/7 this could result in kidney failure.

Just keep a on your guard eye on him and if you see him going towards his water bowl just remove his cone to allow him to drink. I know this may be not uncomplicated for everyone to do, especially if they are out to work for a number of hours respectively day but as long as you make sure you do it when you are nearby with him he will not dehydrate.

I hope he makes a good reclamation.
you should fashion sure that the bowls are on the floor. My dog has a cone and he figures out how to drink and munch through with it on. If that doesnt work, u should take the cone off for him to munch through. Since he is 75lbs., he needs to eat a lot.
Fill the bowl up to the top. Because it will be hard for it to grasp to the food and water if it is ground level. If the bowl is thoroughly shallow, you may want to elevate it by like an inch or two. Just keep watching him and create sure he is getting enough food and water.
Answers:    aw i love the golden retrievers, i got a feminine myself! ^-^
if it is one of those cones that you can take off and afterwards put back on then just steal it off so he can drink and eat but watch him so he doesnt bite his leg to mark it. Another thing you can do is put it in your hands so he can get through it that way.
Good Luck!
Sit the food and sea bowl on a large pot turned upside down in the middle of the floor so he can fit the cone over them and eat and drink dutiful luck or you may have to hold them for him.
Make sure you add enough wet to his food to make the kibble stand on tiptoes, and in between meals, you can any take off the cone to let him drink - put his leash on so you enjoy control of him, or you can occasionally hold a measuring cup of water for him to drink out of.
make sure his dish is not as wide as his cone so he can put his cone down to the ground and catch his head to the bowl and also i would raise the dishes up so he can reach them
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