How do I take my newborn puppies to devour from mom?

My chihuahua just had puppies (about 5 hours ago) and they seem natural and active but they haven't eaten...what should I do??
if she will let you touch them, pick them up and place one infront of a teat, and see if it will latch on. i have to do that with my dogs puppies.
try helping the puppies latch on, sometimes they have a concrete time getting ahold of the nipple cause your dog may be moving a lot. if not buy a puppy bottle and milk suppliment merely incase they don't latch onto the mother.
Answers:    First thing. DO NOT FREAK OUT. Second, this is pretty commonplace for small breed puppies. If they won't feed from mom you have no choice but to hand nurture them. Buy powdered puppy's milk. Mix it with water, and give it to the pups through a small nippled bottle. Before I did this I would rouse the pups to feed from mom. Open their mouths and place it over the nipple. They will most likely start suckling. And if one does it'll be easier for the rest to.

Did you create sure the puppies are breathing properly? They won't suckle if they can't breath.
Ummm she should be feeding them as soon as they are cleaned up. Please take her and adjectives the pups to your vet asap.
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