How Do I Dominate/Be a Pack Leader to My Dog?

I don't want my little chihuahua to end up over protective and aggressive.
The best thing you can do is forget about adjectives this leader dog whisperer rubbish.
Its plain & simple treat your dog as a dog,dont baby it,socailize it,give somebody a lift obedience classes & you will be fine.
Just train your dog well with positive-reward based training. When your dog does something pious or what you want it to do, reward/praise it.

If you have a well trained dog it will listen to you and you don't need to verbs about "dominating" it.

Also, I heard that the going through the doorway first (etc) is just foolish and doesn't mean much to the dog.

I like to watch It's me or the Dog on Animal Planet, that might pass you some good tips for aggression/behavior problems.
Answers:    You have got to be kid - or watching way too much t.v.

You have a chihuahua - you are not the leader of a wolf pack. Dogs are NOT wolves, nor are they feral Mexican street dogs, which is what Cesar Milan basis all his nutsy theories on.

You need to BOND with your dog, that mode have him trust and love you - anybody demented enough to think they involve to dominate a chihuahua has serious mental problems.

Honestly, just bond with your pooch, get sure you treat him well and he trusts you - then he will want to please you.
Whatever you do,. don't try that nutsy "alpha" roll, not even wolves do that, permit alone dogs - its aggression and hostility, sure to get produce your dog insane.

If you really are having problems training your dog, take him for group obedience classes. This will guide you to train him properly and help socialize him with other dogs and new empire.

Good luck, this should be fun - and stop watching so much of that moron on t.v. who cures all ills in one segment - he's an player, not an animal behaviorist.

You DONT need to do all that crap cesar milan tries to teach, he know nothing, dont listen to anyone telling you to watch the dog whisperer, as im 100% certain someone will

It needs training, that is the best way to enforce dominance, he's doing what you want him to do, when feed him, make him sit for a minute then make a command(like ok) so he can guzzle

There are many other ways to enforce dominance, that dont involve "biting"(pretty much hitting), or alpha rolls

also, the whole pack leader walk in front thing, its a myth, subordinate wolves walk within front during travel, but still, you dont want him pulling on you, but im just informing you that it has nothing to do next to being the pack leader
When it get out of hand, step on it. Just in case you are serious, basically put a leash on your little speck of a dog so you can get to it when it starts it's nervous barking and unease aggression.
Some tips:
You eat first, doggie eat afterward.
You go upstairs ahead of dog.
You go through doorways ahead of dog.
You walk dog at your gait, not the other way around.
When dog protests on leash, Turn around and walk in other direction.
When you help yourself to dog outdoors, if he starts to misbehave, take him back surrounded by.
Carry on like you are the Monarch and your dog is a servant, rather than the other way around.

Also: Watch "The Dog Whisperer" next to Cesar Millan on the National Geo. Channel. He has also written some books, and you can borrow his videos from the library - no charge. Cesar Millan is the poster boy for "pack leadership." He is vastly effective.
You don't want to be pack leader and dominate your dog. This is foolish. Dogs know humans aren't other dogs! By 'asserting your dominance' (and anticipating a problem that sounds like it hasn't happened yet), you will probably cause fruitless behaviour rather than solve it. You need to gain your dog's trust and respect, that is all.
Do you mean you don't think you are already the person in charge? How did that happen? You're a human, you've got hands, you put your foot upright, you live in human society. You are the de facto leader. Don't doubt yourself.
A staring contest.
No, seriously.
Stare him in the eye and whether he blinks before you that means he knows who's within charge. My teacher told me that the other day.
This link has some great tips for establishing yourself as the "pack leader".
There is no need to 'dominate' your dog. You do, however, want to be seen as the source of adjectives things good and the source of guidance. Google 'NILIF' It's a good system to use, basically operating beneath the premise that all things should be earned (like food, toys, furniture privileges, etc). I would also strongly recommend a group obedience lesson. Many small dogs are under-socialized, a group class is a great safe starting point. Also check out the book "Little Dogs: training your pint-sized companion" by Deborah Wood. It's a great resource for positive methods and general small-dog aid and socialization. Good luck!
there are abundant different ways ,
its more of a constant effort, than a one off entry.

never let him on the furniture, and definately not your bed. He should have his own place to sleep.

Try and feed your dog ... resourcefully after you yourself eat dinner.

When walking, never let your dog pull. Always create sure you're one step ahead of him .

Though these are some of the main ideas, I would consult a local trainer .. as it's not an issue that can be properly address through a question and answer website. Your dog should be profiled by a trainer, and then given tips off of that
: )

merry training !
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