How do i stop my dog from getting out of his pen?

Ever since i got my new dog for my birthday,he's been getting out of his pen and i dont know how to build him stay in there.
I have to agree near Mandie. If you are keeping your dog outside in a pen then you shouldn't enjoy one. Dogs are pack animals and very social. It is cruel & inhumane not to keep in him inside as a full extremity of the family.

Are you talking about a crate contained by the house? If so he needs a large one; one where he can stand up and move around contained by. How long is he in the crate? It shouldn't be more than 8 hrs at a stretch; if he's a puppy he should be allowed out at lunch time to "do his duty." If he's getting out he's a smart dog. How about a padlock? That should do the trick.
It sounds resembling he is too big for that pen or it isn't being secured properly. We need more details in direct to figure out what is happening.

If the dog is large, a playpen will not do anything for you. You will inevitability to find a room and create a barrier somehow. Think about using furniture or large boxes as sustain in creating a barrier for the dog.
Answers:    What kind of pen is it?
How big is the pen?
How long is the dog surrounded by there?

All these things will help us answer.

1. A dog shouldn't be kept in a pen adjectives the time. A dog needs to be socialized. If your lifestyle doesn't allow for you to keep the dog out of the pen then you simply shouldn't have a dog.

2. If at times you are keeping the dog in a pen it needs to be big ample for the size of the dog.

3. When you say pen do you mean something outside or do you penny-pinching a crate. Or is it something inside?


That sounds perfectly fine for a dog. Do you know how he gets out.

Does he dig?
- You may hold to change the fencing to where it's in the ground as okay. This way the dog can't just dig, and crawl out.

Jump It?
- Simple you in recent times need to get a higher barricade

or does he get out at the gate?
- This is not very difficult you basically need to secure the gate any route you can.

How long do these dogs stay in the pen. Although it is more than large enough dog's can't only just be put in a pen and left. They need to enjoy attention. They need love and to be played with. Maybe just giving the dog some attention will cause him less eager to get out.
economically u cant it means hes horny and and stuff and its basiclly a bonner for dogs so they like tking it out!
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