How do I stop my jack russell from chasing rabbits?

Ihave a 4 yr old jack russell and for the majority of the time she is fantastic! She does almost everything I ask of her. However whether she is off-lead and smells rabbits I might as well not be there. I would love to know what I can do to stop her chasing or even if I could achieve her to come back without running through trees and undergrowth to corner her!!
First off, why is your dog stale leash around rabbits knwoing she goes and chases them? Where are you going that has rabbits?..

It'll be hard to train her to agreement with rabbits unless you have access to just one or two silence rabbits to start off first that wont go running away from the dog.
Hunting burrowing animals (like fox) is what Jack Russells be bred to do, so this could be a tough one. When my dogs acted up off leash, I'd usually bring them to a place they are ususally allowed to go rotten leash but I'd keep them on the leash so they'd understand that it is a privelige to go stale leash. Another thing I'd always do is sit the dog down before taking the leash rotten to say that when I say come here, she has to come. Sometimes getting her to expect nouns off the leash helped--but once she was off the leash for too long, she be too into playtime and it took effort to get her attention again.

I'm not sure that this will help--this could be harder than convincing a border collie to stop herd the children.

Good luck with that one!!
She's a JRT, chasing rabbits is what her instincts tell her to do.
Not much you can do to amend that.
I'd suggest not letting her off-lead until you have control over her, which means, don't ever tolerate her off her lead.
Tricky one this but please bear in mind that first and foremost she is an animal and her intuition is to hunt, chasing rabbits(or anything small and furry) is what Jack Russells do and really, to allow her do it now and again when she is, on the whole, fairly domesticated is ok - don't you surmise? I know it can be inconvenient when they run off but if you wanted a dog that didn't chase after maybe you should have considered a different breed.
Your kidding right? That's what Jack Russells do. They are bred to hunt small animals resembling rabbits, of course, she's not going to return back to you when after prey. Keep your dog on leash. Also, do not attempt to introduce your JR to a rabbit, I guarantee it will be a bad scene.

The best item is to keep her away from rabbits. I,ve got a jack russell and the point is they are bred to chase and kill things like rats ,mice ,small rabbits, ect ect. It is in their breeding so you won,t know how to stop her , just keep her away from unequivocal feilds . let her run in public parks instead.
i have a 7 yr old jack russell, and i learned the unyielding way that he needs to ALWAYS be on a leash, otherwise, im on a 2 mile run chasing him. thats happened heaps times over the 7 yrs. but thats only because he's bolted out the door before i could grab him. unfortunatly, jack russells are bred to hunt, so they are going to chase ANYTHING that will run, even whether its chased it a thousand times...its an instict you cant get rid of...for example, my dog knows what leaves are and that they blow, but EVERY morning, when one blows past him, he wishes to chase it. also when it rains and water is rushing down the gutter, he is trying to chase the water beforehand it can make it down the drain. so i would really really get into the habit of putting her on a leash, because sometime its going to be far worse than a rabbit chase. you should google jack russell terrier...i did and i was very much amazed at how much i didnt know about my dog, but his behavior made sense when i read up on the breed. correct luck
I regret that you enjoy such a hard time catching up to your dog, but honestly, that's the sort of work JRs are bred to do. She LIVES to chase things, esp things that run away from her (a challenge).

I don't know of an easier way to achieve her back, but the fact that she's having fun and exercising have to be worth something.

TX Mom

You could dress up as a GIANT rabbit afterwards he'd think...
"ooh scary, i won't go close another rabbit ever again"
Well thts my opinion
LOL. I own Dachshunds, and if they see a rat, squirrel, or rabbit I might as well save my breath. They fix their intellect on getting prey and despite their training, this is a primal instinct. If the prey runs off where they can't follow, they lose interest and come final when I call.
You should keep her on leash. She could step into a leghold trap or get hurt another way while dashing after rabbits and you'd never know where on earth she was or what happened. Someone could shoot her. She could become lost and starve to death. Someone could find her and steal her. Keep her on leash.
get use to it! that's what they do! i have 2, but i never had a mole or any other small animal in the yard!! hold on to her on the leash unless you have a fenced in yard. once, mine kill a mole and then rolled around on it all day! tooks weeks to hose the smell off her!
you can't, its a terrier
lol the only solution would probably to waddle were there isn't any rabbits. Its natural intuition for a jack russel to hunt rabbits, its there job.
oh dear you're fighting that dogs make-up here but I suppose it can be done just start to walk away eventually she'll realise you're going away her and follow . hopefully
terribly when a dog starts hunting it stays with them you might want to keep her on a lead or take your self a training lead and practice aload of recall good luck
Never ever let a JRT, beagle or husky off the leash. Beagles and JRTs love to sniff out stuff and run and huskies lately run forever. It's in their nature and you are never going to stop it.
As JRT owner let me tell you: here is NO way getting your dog stop to hunt rabbits... Your Dog is a hunter!

Its an instinct, keep her on the organize.enit!
ha ha ha ha ha

how do you tell the sun not to shine? use the leash before the dog get hurt or killed.
Keep her away from the rabbits- you can't train out intuition especially with dogs like that.
Keep her on leash.take her to someones house that has a rabbit and train her to behave around rabbits, first of late start off introducing her to the rabbit, as she starts to calm down around it, reward her, then proceed beside a normal training session (focus a lot on sit, stay and come when around the rabbit)

Answers:    Unfortunately, as others own said, it's the nature of the beast! Jackies are meant to chase - virtually anything! I'm certain it can be done (recall), but frankly as long as you know the area she's running in is as safe as anywhere ever can be (and remember Jackies can dance down holes and get stuck!!) I'd let her go for it. If not, I believe her free-running, in a rabbit populated area, days are numbered and she's going to have to be kept on a front and have her free-running confined to a safe, fenced area.
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