How do I train my pug and pomeranian to...?

I have a pug and a pomeranian cross chihuahua.

The pomeranian always listen to me , but every order seem to go out of his ears whenever I take him out for a walk. I other have to make sure he is on a tight plenty leash, as if he is let loose...he will run away and doesnt come subsidise...just keep running.despite my callings.

The pug is really active.he is fat.but active , he is easier to control...

The cross-question I wanna ask is do I teach my pom to obey me while we are taking a walk.and how do I edify him to stay with me.or to walk " with " me in need having a leash on...or is it impossible for this breed ?

For the pug , I know this breed isnt one of the most intelligent ( or so I have heard ) , but is it possible to enjoy successful training with him...he seems to not to learn terrifically fast...And another problem...his snoring is thunderous ...he is fine...but should I have him medically attended ? any trick to fix this ?
Catch their attention near something else, like a biscuit. Keep their eyes on that biscuit while crossing and immediately when that situation is over give it to him/her. Dogs are not really intelligent and they don't remember so fine after when this has been repeated many times, how they acted back, what was that thing to do in situation resembling this.. And snack is good praise for them. If your dog is not into snacks (as my chihuahua is not) use attention or petting like fashion the dog pay the attention that he/she gives to that chi, to YOU.

Use your body language as you are the boss, counter immediately when situation comes, don't wait for a second.
lol... It is easy to train the pug to cross over the chihuahua... U just requirement to move the chihuahua to a side and let the PUG cross over it... lol

And the chihuahua will be flat when the pug jump over it...

Anyway if the pug want to step or cross over it... The chihuahua will move a side itself... Because it will move aside due to the "BIG" size of it... I noticed that DOG treat their life more than anyone else...

Actually pug can be train for other trick but not those jumping... due to the indigestible body..

(a) janet... Can U STARRED my Q (asia quiz) wanted to see if is there any betrayer.
Answers:    Hi Ryan,

One of the most important nouns that you can teach a dog is "Come." This needs to be learned and obey without exception in every type of situation.
1. Never say the command more than one time. If he does not intellect you after saying it once, you must go get him and bring him to the spot. If not, he will swot up to only come when he feels like it or hang around until he hears that desperation in your voice - if afterwards.
2. Reward him immediately with a calm, "dutiful boy" and maybe a treat - not always a treat though, when he responds to your one & only "come, boy"
3. Do not speak "come, boy" unless you know that if he does not mind you, you are willing to travel get him immediately.
4. Never yell or punish him when he does come to you - no business how bad he has been.

When you enjoy mastered this command, then it is time to work on the leash training.

The next command is "Heel."
1. As Paw It stated above, the dog is walked on your not here side - always. The leash is held with the left appendage half way down, and the handle is held next to the right hand.
2. The ideal walking position is right next to your not here foot.
Walk a steady pace, if he dart out in front of you, you state firmly "heel." If he does not mind you, you jerk on the leash - sounds cruel, but within the beginning, he has to understand that disobeying you ends beside discomfort. There are choker collars that can be purchased for these kinds of training purposes. Do not leave on the choker collar when he is not being trained. I own never trained a small dog so I don't really know if a choker collar is necessary.
3.Talk to him in a harmony, affirming manner when he is walking next to you properly, intermittently saying things close to, "good boy, that a boy?" etc. etc.
4. Before you turn left or right, you always afford the command, "heel." He should be learning to pay attention to your feet and swot to anticipate the direction of the turn and stay close in. If he doesn't, snap the leash back until he understands.
5. Remember to constantly compliment in a calm, steady voice when he minds the heel command.

The "stay" command can be skilled inside or outside with the leash training.
Method for outside training:
1. Hand and voice are used together.
2. Make him sit. Stay facing forward, put your disappeared hand down with palm facing his face and speak the word, "stay."
3. Slowly drop the leash on the ground.
4. Turn slowly around and take a few steps backwards. Turn your hand and hold your palm facing his face. At the genesis, don't make him stay for more than a few seconds. When he gets it, bring in him stay for more time and further distance as you walk backwards.
5. Put you hand down and say "come" at duplicate time. Give him praise and / or a treat.
note: the stay command is one that can be said several times and it is okay.

*Consistency is one of the most important components for helpful training. If one day you take him out and there are no rules and the subsequent day you take him out, you are stern and serious, he will gain confused, and you will have a much more difficult time training him. So, he needs a command for free time. Maybe after a training session, you say something similar to, "okay, time to play" which he will come to understand - freedom (always within limits, unsurprisingly..must be willing to come when called.1st time)

*I would not take him out stale the leash until you are sure of his obedience to mind the come command, unless, logically, you are taking him to a dog park, and it is understood that it is a time of complete freedom.

Anyway, I wish you the best beside this endeavor. There is nothing more gratifying then having an dutiful, well-trained dog, and remember that the dog will feel more secure and happy knowing that his master is contained by control.

Regardless of the intelligence reputation of the breed, all dogs are trainable; some just take for a time more time and patience than others.

I don't know about the snoring..maybe it is purely the breed. I don't know much about pugs. If it does not seem to have any off-colour effect on his health or functioning, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I am more concerned that the roar would be affecting your sleep pattern.

I bet they are cute little guys and lots of fun.
Nothing is impossible beside training. I cannot help you with the snoring, but perhaps your veterinarian will enjoy some suggestions.

First, you'll need to teach him how to walk steadily on a leash. Go to your local pet store and ask for collar or harness specifically made for walking. This will help with the pulling. Your pom is pulling because you've allowed him to and to him, it gets him where on earth he wants to go.

After fitting him with a proper harness, pocket him out alone. Start out with a 4 foot leash. With the dog on your left side, hold the handle of the leash contained by your right hand and the middle of the leash with your left. Give the dog some slack too. Never put pressure on the leash. With the leash loose, start to tramp. As SOON as he begins to pull, give him a singing "lets go" and turn around in walk surrounded by the other direction. Do not pull him, just simply turn around and walk. Repeat this over and over. Your dog is immediately learning that pulling will not get him anywhere. Soon he will learn to hike nicely by your side. Best of Luck.

Remember to be calm. When you are calm, he will be serenity.

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