How bleak are chicken bones for a dog?

My dog just ate a countless number of chicken wing bones. My mother had been drinking them and left the chicken bones and left over wings on the counter. I don't know how lots she ate, but i think quite a few. She seems ok. How worried should I be? Does this require on the spot attention?
No. We fed our dogs chicken bones weekly for years and they didn't bother them.seriously. Please post back to let us know how it go, but I can guarantee you dogs are carnivores and love to eat any kind of bones.
Lots of dogs eat chicken bones particularly wing bones and are OK. Then about 1 within 10 or 20 will have an obstruction. 1 in 20 is really discouraging odds for everyday feeding, that's why it is strongly discouraged.

That being said, your dog have about a 1 in 10 or 20 chance of obstruct. You can decrease that chance by feeding Metamucil and hose down mixed with canned food. The fiber will stretch out the bowel and allow the bones to pass easier. Give PLENTY of Metamucil. There is no such item as too much. He will just poop more.
chicken bones splinter easily. If a splinter gets into their intestines, it may puncture the walls and mete out bleeding.
Yes it does a little
sometimes i accidentally give my dog some.
The only injure it can do is leave splinters in his stomach which is actually a big promise.
If you are really concerend call your local vet and seek advise from him/her
for a moment bit wont hurt though
no immediate attention is required.
it normally takes a long time for them to do sprain

Very bad they can splinter and cut the dogs throat and stomach. Watch her very closely but the first moment of distress get her to a animal er asap. You might also want to call a animal hospital and ask them. They know better then anyone on answers do.
i would purloin your dog to the vet asap. chicken bones can be extremely harmful if they are not broiled in the right instrument. regular chicken bones when chewed can splinter and cause major damage to the animal to be precise consuming them. just to be safe please take your dog to the vet to hold it be checked out.
YES! Chicken bones are very thin and mostly marrow. This means it splinters surrounded by her throat. It could instantly damage her throat or eventually damage her. Bring her to a vet to get checked up because you don't other know how a dog is feeling. Please do this or you'll end up in the ER next to a dog. Good Luck
aside from the fact that poultry bones can butcher her?

watch her closely. there is not a whole lot you can do unless she starts endorsement blood or vomiting or something. they can really tear her up inside

next time make certain you keep harmful foods out of her reach. dogs dont know what they are ingestion may kill them, they just know its a yummy treat that they were sneaky plenty to swipe
Ydes needs immediate attention call

ER clinic 24/7 asap

chicken bones splinter and can lodge surrounded by the intestines and cause the intestine to bleed out.never any bones of any kind.'

chicken bones are the worse not wait to see whether the dogs passes them in a stool or not, this could be too late for the dog
As long as the bones pass in the stool, she will be fine. Watch her when she goes external and make sure she's not straining or not able to turn. If she passes the bones without any issues, she'll be fine. If she can't go within the next couple of days, take her to the veterinarian.
Chicken bones in theory are not discouraging for dogs. Where things can go wrong, very wrong, is when the bones splinter and act as sharp objects within their digestive systems. Needless to say, the finer the bone (wings) the more danger there is of them fitting dangerous.

Definately keep an close eye on them and encourage them to drink and devour other things as well to help add bulk to their stools.

It would not hurt to hail as a vet now (emerg) to get their advice and definately send for your own vet in the morning. They may want to do a few things to help them pass adjectives of this faster or not.

wait, what kind of dog is yours? resourcefully, it depends on the breed. i think, if your dog's type is ranging from atmosphere to big, then, it's just fine. these dogs can chew the bones better. they possess stronger jaws. now, whether your dog is small, you can visit the vet.
Answers:    If she starts coughing, thats bad sign number 1, she may have cut her throat with a bone, fruitless sign number two; constipation; the bones have caused a blockage and your dog cant pass the bones intrinsically, bad sign number three; blood in the faeces; this would indicate a tear contained by the stomach lining and will need vet attention. If your dog exhibits any of these signs, get her to the vet as rapid as possible :)
This can be deleterious because the chickin bones contain splinters that can hurt the internals of your dog. Chances are that if she ate them whole they will pass through in need a problem, but if they were chewed first check with your vet to see your option.
Wing bones are small and fairly soft so your dog should be ok. Watch favourably just for a couple of days.
You don't say whether the dog is large or small.
when the dog bites the chicken bone, the bone gets cracked contained by many pieces, and when he swallows, it will hurt his stomach, and the sharp stuff from the bone hurts as it is being digested
There is a good possiblity that they will be digested normally- it partly depends on how many chicken bones your dog ate, and how big her stomach is (ie storage capacity).. If you see any vomiting, loss of appetite, or a impressively swollen abdomen, you should take her to your vet.
she will be fine the individual thing she might have a diarrhea cause when dogs shift food or water they have it , just craft sure you wont feed her chicken bones cause she will loose curls & she ll shad a lot
YES it does, chicken bones can be extremely harmful they splinter and can tear your dog's insides. This happened to my dog after the neighbor give him bones. Keep an eye on your dog, and I would definitely call your vet ASAP.
Call an E.C.
They are bad adequate to perforate a bowel. But there's nothing you or a vet can do unless that happens. Watch to make certain they pass. If she shows any signs of abdominal discomfort or pain at all, catch to a vet - even an emergency vet immediately.
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