How long after my dog eat should I consent to him out? 40lb 8 year out-of-date GSD/ROTT mix?

I have a 40lb, 8 year old, German Shepherd/Rottie mix. He eats twice a daylight, and he's on the raw diet.

How long after each meal should I permit him out? 30 minutes after he eats? 1 hour? 3 hours?
Is your dog house trained, if so, the dog will let you know, I let my dogs out to run within the yard, right after eating, this gives them time to start digesting the food, and allows the exercise to minister to them pee and poo,,,,,no time frame...most people do it at 20 mins to 30 mins, I never wait, I let my babies out to play and verbs themselves out good..rather than making them hold it so long after eating.

The best trained dog - and best to train a dog this track - relieves itself in the same spot when walked olden that spot. This is the case for both #1 and #2. Therefore, walk it to a spot, wait, linger some more, the dog will sniff, and eventually relieve itself. Make sure you pick a spot that you're okay with. More and more times you pass by, it'll revise and keep going there.

Of course, this usually works at a youthful age... I'm not sure you can teach an old dog a fresh trick.
Mine is about 1 hour. Once he be trained, the accidents were all but eliminate.
1 hour after he ehats, right before bed, and immediately upon waking.
i would influence about 20 minutes but my dog i trained her to ring a bell everytime. I tought her this by evertime she went out for about a week i would ring the bell, i have it hanging on the nob highenough though so she couldn't strangle herself. then after a while when she needed to go out she would bound up and ring it with her nose
Answers:    its true if he is house trained he will let you know!

Dakota is house trained and son after she eat she will go to the door to go out that is because when she be pup I taught her to go outside after she get done eating.

I even put a string of bells on the door and rang them when I let them out and in a minute when she wants out and hasn't eaten she rings the bell and I let her out.
This depends, is he housetrained? Can he "hold it?"
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