How long should my dog hold swollen breasts after a season?

She's a 11 month cocker spaniel and has finished her first season 3 weeks ago but she's still pretty lumy. is this ok?
they should not be swollen unless they r pregnant
Dog's breast don't usually get swollen during their heat cycle. Swollen breast are a sign of pregnancy and other things similar to mastitis and tumors.

I suggest taking your dog into see a vet. Make sure she is healthy. I also propose speaking with your vet about possible spaying and what the benefits to spaying are.
Answers:    SHEEZ all these answers and nobody heard of false pregnancy!!
NORMALLY dogs walk through all the hormone shifts of a pregnancy after every heat even if they never get near a male and there is no opportunity of a pregnancy. Now some show little sign, many will show some swelling of the teat and a few react so strongly they produce milk and mother stuffed animals...
It can last just about 2 months..

She wont. Shes probably pregnant. Congratulations on calculation to the growing population of unwanted pets.
Dr. Dog
Take her to the vet. If she is pregnant please get her spayed and not contribute to the gross overpopulation of dogs.

Don't be another BYB.
epic fail.
take her to the vet.
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