How much benedryl would you endow with a 20 pound dog?

At the clinic I work at, we tell family they can give dogs 1-2mg per lb, so one 25mg tablet, up to 2 tablets, every 8 hours for itching. If it is an allergic reaction, she should be seen by a vet in half a shake to make sure she does not need an injection. But whether shes just itchy, use the Benadryl until you can make an appointment to have her see by a vet.
I would go at once to the Benadryl (be sure to spell it right) website and see what the manufacturer suggests as the right dosage for my dog. I would also weigh my dog again to be sure that I would neither over- nor under-dose my pet. You could also ask your vet if Benadryl would be of any help to your dog and what dose s/he would recommend.

Please remember that antihistamines can effect a dog (or person) to become sleepy, but this effect wears off eventually.
However much the vet prescribed.
The dosage is 1/2 - 2 mg. per pound of body weight every 8 hours,so you could safely give the dog one 25 mg. tablet or medication. This is for Benadryl in the US. If you're in the UK or elsewhere ,Benadryl contains a different ingredient and you cannot give it to dogs.
Answers:    My vet once advised me to do one mL of Children's Benedryl per 1 lb of body weight. You can actually be in motion online and find a chart that tells you the specifics.

-and don't pay attention to all these population who say you should rush your dog to the vet anytime he/she sneezes or throws up. You wouldn't rush your baby to the ER everytime it got a runny antenna would you? Benedryl is fine for dogs. You can find more info online.
May I ask for what? It would depend on what you're using it for, so I'll know how much to say..
However much my vet told me to.
None, unless the vet specified how much to give.
Only give them childrens liquid benadryl, have the dose suggested on the box.
What did your Vet recommend? You call them right?
without doubt if the vet advised you to give the dog benedryll, he would hold told you what the proper dosage was.
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