How much does an australian shepherd puppy weigh?

Just a general weight at 8-11 weeks. Neither overweight nor underweight
Answers:    Hello, just for comparisons sake my mannish aussie weighed around 20 lbs at 11 weeks his brother was a little heavier. At 3 1/2 months he be 28 .5 lbs and at 8 months he is just over 55 lbs. and 21 inches tall. The breeder says he may gain for a moment more but he should be close to full grown. I know males may tend to weigh a little more than females. If you google the australian shepherd club of america it list the standards for the breed. I hope this helps.
when fully fledged, the australian shepard should weigh 35 - 70 lbs.

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there isn't a certain weight that's special for the aussie shepherd puppies,..
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