How much does an english mastiff guzzle?


Does anyone know how much dog food English mastiff puppies eat a week and when they are full grown? Thanks so much!
Our puppies would eat about 12 cups per day of premium food three times per light of day. When they turned 6 months they would eat only twice per day approx. 8 cups.
They are presently adults and their weights range between 170-200 lbs and they eat 6 cups of premium dog food.
It will depend on the quality of food you nurture your pet. Higher quality food will provide appropriate nutrition in a smaller amount; lower quality typically funds you will need to feed more for the dog to get appropriate nutrition. I am a big disciple of the Wellness brand for my dog and my cat. My adult Am Staff/Shepard/Mastiff mix weighs 70 lbs. and consumes 3 cups per day split into 2 meal (1.5 cups per meal). Most foods will have a feeding guide on the packaging base on the dog's weight. Also talk with your vet because it is a roomy breed; you need to be careful they don't grow too quickly as it may wreak future health problems.
Answers:    I can only answer for my own, currently an 8 month old womanly. She eats 5-6 cups a day right now. When she be 6 months up until she was about 7.5 months, she ate 7 cups of food a day and be growing 2-3 lbs a week. Now she has slowed to about one lb a week and is eating smaller amount.

The easiest way to know how much to feed the puppy is to see how much the puppy can eat within about 15 minutes. If you puppy is finishing all her food and still seems hungry, it is time to increase the amount of food. If she is going away food in the bowl, you are feeding too much. Once they hit about 1.5 years ancient, they will be pretty consistent in the amount of food they eat.
I don't know how much the puppies eat within a week but when one is full could very well consume one small unattended neighborhood child per day. They are big eaters and they are not picky any. Keep it on a leash at all times or sounds of playing children around your area will be a thing of times past.
First, we feed our puppy a exceedingly high quality type of dog food so it "sticks" with her.

From 8 weeks to 6 months she be gaining 3-5 lbs per week and eating between 5 and 8 cups per day. She typically ate around 5-6, but when she had a little growth spurt she would eat up to 7 or 8.

Now that she is closer to 1 year, she have slowed down quite a bit and only eats almost 4. It completely depends on the day though. If we are outside all afternoon she wants about 5, but if she is sleeping possibly only 2 that day.
Mastiffs are big powerful beautiful dogs. A puppy ( 6 months or so) would consume roughly speaking eight cups of dry food a day.On the back of the back of dog food or on a can you will find a guide of feed.
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