How much does dog grooming cost?

I am considering getting a bichon frise. I understand that they need to be professionally groomed once a month and that they need small touch-up trimmings between after around the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. I want to know how much it costs to get a small dog groomed at Petsmart, and do they do a good duty there?
O my gosh! We have a bichon frise and they are amazing!! I don't know how much it costs...I'm not the one who pays for it, but they are so worth it whatever it is! I'm sorry I don't enjoy the answer to your question, but I do know, you should get one! I wouldn't go to Petsmart to capture it groomed, I would go to a family owned business or something. Also cause sure to brush them regularly, especially on their head, you may enjoy to pay extra after a while. Good luck!
The last time I had Pepper groomed at Petsmart, it cost roughly $50.00 but they had to use a special medicated shampoo on him, so it may be closer to 40-45.00 for your dog. I like the groomers at Petsmart and they know my Pepper by name. They will also enjoy specials on nail grinding and such and will let you know about their specials so you can help yourself to advantage of them.
Yes. They are good at petsmart and they cost about ten bucks..
I have several small dogs that have need of to be groomed at least every six weeks. It usually runs around 40 dollars, but I'm sure that vary a bit from place to place. The best thing to do is call PetSmart and ask. As far as the touchups around the eyes, that's easy to do yourself. Just do a bit of trimming to breed sure the hair isn't poking into its eyes.
Answers:    I honestly would go to a "real" groomer with that breed of dog. I wouldn't run to a petsmart or petco. Those people unless they have previous experience travel to a grooming school for a month tops. Petco sends my grooming place a ton of dogs because they can't groom or handle them, do you really want someone like that working on your tot? (I used to work at a petsmart.) Also DO NOT BATHE HIM AT HOME! If you do plan on bathing your dog at home you have to brush him out competely with a comb right down to his skin or he will hip bath matt, and will then need to be shaved bald. And he will stipulation to be combed out again after the bath. Where I work a bichon would be about $42 with adjectives the touch ups your expecting, in the grooming you should expect his nails trimmed, eyes and ears cleaned and obviously bathed and trimmed to how you would similar to him. Hope this helps!
If you have to ask, you can't afford this dog.
The best way to find out the price is to christen them.

All I can tell you is what I would charge for a Bichon $ 43.00.
Do they do a good job, I can't speak for other petsmarts stores however the one by my house no.

The Bichon get groomed every 4-6 weeks.
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