How much does it cost to fix "cherry eye" contained by a Cocker Spaniel?

I've googled this and am finding estimates from $80 - $1000. I'm specifically looking for the "tuck" procedure cost. I'm taking her to the vet next Wednesday but I just want to prepare myself for possible costs in the stingy time. Thanks!
My Stepmums dog had the 'tuck' procedure (both eyes) on her maltese cross silky terrier and it cost about $250
Your appointment is next Wednesday, but a phone call is free. Why don't you in recent times give them a call and ask for an estimate? That would be the best way to prepare yourself. All Vets alter in their prices.
Answers:    This is going to vary by your location, the severity of the issue, the size of your dog, and other complications or issues.

What is costs for me will be different than for you, for BassetNut, for Patient Paws, and for Bozema.

Call your vet and see if they can impart you a ballpark estimate. I'd expect $500-$1000.

And Cherry Eye is a congential condition. Be sure you've notified the breeder of the issue. If they are responsible, they may even offer to recompense for part of it.
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